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Strength Training Articles

Fitness & Power explained

The Ketogenic Diet is popular again. Why again? Because I remember in my early years as a coach about 20 years ago, the Ketogenic Diet was very popular. outlines the basics of the Ketogenic Diet, what it is, how it works and what the benefits are in the article Ketogenic Dieting 101: How To Use Fat As Fuel If you are interested in the Ketogenic Diet, check out earlier articles in

Breaking Muscle discussed

Bonvec Strength listed 4 Ways to Build Confidence for Powerlifting good tips, not only for Powerlifting.

Not sure, whether it’s a joke or not, neither does it really fit in here, but Michael Phelps Will Face His Greatest Competitor Yet — A Shark but, yes it will create some buzz.

Elite FTS discussed the benefits of The Aerobic System for Every Athlete and why every athlete should have an aerobic base level.

Train Heroic discussed

Stack demonstrated how to Use High-Intensity Continuous Training to Improve Power and Endurance and how to add them effectively and efficiently to your strength training workout routines.

T-Nation explained the Bench Press basics, a good sum-up of the main points, check out the video

Juggernaut Training System shared What’s Your Question? #10 discussing how to improve catch phase of the Snatch, depending on strength or mobility issues; how should I adjust my training, when I get sick; how to increase strength in the Clean past the knee or during the second pull; how high should I pull during pulls, Clean Pulls or Snatch Pulls; how should you train the week before the meet and specific weightlifting cues

Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack explained How Strength Coaches Can Build Effective and Fun Workouts for Young Athletes a good example of the elements in a youth training session, as well how to put it together.

Train Heroic published the third part of their LTAD series Long-Term Athletic Development – Part 3: Mobility, Stability, Nutrition, and Recovery focussing on the necessary work to take care of your body, I can tell from experience, it makes a difference in an athletes carreer, if he or she started early taking care of their body. Also check out

  • Part 1 – an introduction to LTAD
  • Part 2 – Movement, Energy Systems and Strength

Power Training Articles

Muscle & Fitness shared Sled Training For More Power not that this article is very in-depth, however, what I like is the approach to outlining the loading and ensuring progression from week to week, rather than aimlessly pushing a sled until you can’t push anymore.

Power Athlete Radio interviewed Doc Bryan Mann check it out

Plyometric Training Articles

Stack listed 4 Ways to Use Box Jumps to Increase Your Explosiveness outlining different exercises and plyometric training program considerations.

Speed Training Articles

Athletics Weekly explained how to Get up to speed a guide to developing speed for those who have no access to a sprint coach by summarizing the main points to focus on if you want to get faster.

Stack sums-up Why Strength Is the Missing Element in Your Speed Workouts giving the two main benefits of strength training on speed development.

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

T-Nation shared

  • a Tip: The Zercher Squat outlining a few unique benefits of the Zercher Squat, I like the video explanation, check it out
  • a Tip: The Tempo Squat ensuring constant time under tension, as a potential driver for muscular hypertrophy, check it out
  • Will it work? Well, in my experience, very often these ‘special techniques’ go along with a huge sacrifice in loading in order to be performed. So, yes, you increase time under tensio and have constant tension, but you also reduce the mechanical load, which is the other driver for hypertrophic adaptations. Bottom-line? It’s a balancing act.

    Elite FTS published a detailed guide for Successful Box Squat Cycles, worth checking out.

    The Bar Bend shared featured some awesome feats of strength from Mart Seim, such as this 210 kg Back Squat for 20 reps

    Light weight squat cardio 210kgx20 #martseim #squat #cardio

    A post shared by Mart Seim (@martseim) on

    Olympic Lifting Articles 

    Catalystathletics outlined 5 Ways to Get A Better Finish in the Snatch how to get more speed and acceleration during the second pull. The second pull is actually where you get the most benefits from as an athlete, so learning and mastering the second pull is essential to reap the benefits of the Snatch or Power Snatch. If you are unfamiliar with the different phases, check out

    The Bar Bend published a guide on

    Deadlift Articles 

    Tony Gentilcore has a point when he states Deadlifts Are Only Dangerous Because You are Unable To Coach Them which not only applies to Deadlifts, as well as to all other training that is considered dangerous.

    T-Nation shared

    • a Tip: The Sumo Deadlift explaining why the Sumo Deadlift can be a safer variation for athletes, check out the video
  • a Tip: The Paused Sumo Deadlift as a good accessory lift to teach and train the lift-off, check out the video