Article recommendations week #22 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #22 2017

Strength Training Articles

Fitness & Power revealed 4 Simple “Hacks” That Will Help You Lift Bigger Weights Instantly some really good tips, that should be used carefully and with purpose.

PictureFit answered the question

  • Should You Take Cold Showers For Muscle and Strength? Whilst the answer isn’t really new, it depends whether you want to gain mass or whether you want to gain strength, that cold showers might be helpful or counter-productive. Check out the answer
  • Can Chocolate Help You Build Muscle? Yes, it can, the flipside is the amount of chocolate you need to eat accompanied by the amount of extra calories, it needs to be carefully considered whether the benefits outweigh the negatives. Check out the complete explanation


T-Nation outlined different ways to extend your set and train past failure in the article Tip: 4 Extended Set Techniques for Size Gains a word of caution, from my experience training to failure should be used very carefully and going past failure even more carefully. I have outlined my rationale in the article

Train Heroic explained how to write a good strength training program in the article 7 Tips For Writing Better Strength Programs

Science for Sport shared How Can Coaches Help Athletes To Perform Under Pressure a cool infographic from Believe Perform

Breaking Muscle posted

Stack explained 5 Strength Training Mistakes Too Many Athletes Make outlining common mistakes and misconceptions.


The Bar Bend published The Ultimate Guide to Heart Rate Variability and Strength Training an interesting application of the use of HRV for strength training. Usually, HRY has mainly been used in metabolic sports.

Running Competitor explained how runners should strength train and the usual mistakes runners do in the article How Should Runners Lift Weights?

Dean Somerset explained the Hypertrophy-Stability-Motor Control Continuum a really good outline of how to implement an exercises stream depending on what your desired training goal is.

Complementary Training shared Agile Periodization: Decision Making Under Uncertainty

[Part 2] a flexible and adaptable approach to periodization and planning, I do like the thought process behind this approach, also check out the slides of the presentation

Plyometric Training Articles

The Mumbai Mirror shared Sania Mirza’s Fitness Rules outlining how professional tennis player Sania Mirza includes Plyometrics into her preparation for the French Open. demonstrated 3 Explosive Plyometric Exercises for Speed and Power whilst there could be more plyometric drills outlined and the execution of the plyometric exercises in the video could be improved, I like the fact, that they emphasize the importance of plyometric training for cyclists.

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

The Bar Bend compared Bulgarian Split Squat vs Lunge vs Back Squat – Differences and Benefits and Reverse Lunge vs Split Squat – Differences and Muscles Worked two great articles outlining the differences between the different lifts, also check out Niek Kimmann and myself’s tutorial on

  • Squatting

  • Lunging

  • as well as the article on Fundamental Movements where I discuss the different squat variations, such as Back Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat, Single Leg Squats, Split Squats, Bulgarian Split Squats and Front Foot Elevated Split Squats as well as different Lunge variations and the difference between lunges and split squat variations published a Podcast with Dr. John Rusin talking Back Squat, progressions towards a Back Squat and much more, check it out

also check out the article from John Rusin The More Gain, Less Pain Guide To Squats

Dr. John Rusin also discussed the High Bar Squat vs Low Bar Squat on the article Busting The High Bar vs Low Bar Squat Myth looking at a movement based approach to what squat variation to chose.

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Catalystathletics explained How to Quit Short-Stepping Your Split Jerks a common technical flaw in the Split Jerk.

The Bar Bend listed 10 Undeniable Benefits of the Clean & Jerk explaining why you should engage in the Clean & Jerk.

Stack outlined the benefits of the kneeling variation of the Olympic Lifts in the article Try Kneeling Olympic Lifts to Build Explosive Power

Deadlift Articles 

EliteFTS outlined Deadlift Fundamentals — The Difference Between Failure and Lockout a really good piece explaining how technical proficiency and execution makes the difference, and not only raw strength.

The Bar Bend published

as well as the related article on Fundamental movements, where Twan van Gendt and myself are discussing different Deadlift variations including the Stiff Leg Deadlift, Romanian Deadlift, Traditional Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift and Trap Bar Deadlift.

T-Nation shared a Tip: 12 Minutes of Singles to ramp up your Deadlift. Personally, I haven’t come across this method and I am a bit doubtful whether the fairly low intensity (60% 1 RM) will lead to substantial gains in strength. However, there could be value in this method as a form of technical training, similar to the EMOM style, which allows you to practice a high volume of singles.

The Silent Mike explained How I Deadlifted 700lbs, main takeaways technique work and programming, check out his whole answer


Highlight of the week

This weeks’ highlight is my son and his team winning the competition this weekend

and the victory of Real Madrid in the Champions League Final 2017

I know this is probably a very controversial topic, but let me explain.

I can see all general arguments that people hold against Real Madrid and my point is not to argue against these arguments.

However, the fact that this club won 12 Champions League finals out of 15 Champion League final appearances is impressive and in my opinion, there needs to be something within this club’s culture to support the fact that they always excel in the moments when it counts.