Article recommendations week #24 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #24 2017

Strength Training Articles


  • compared Normal Sets VS Drop Set looking at a recent study. The results? Normal sets if you want to get stronger, drop sets if you want to build muscle mass, check out the video
  • asked Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help You Lose Weight? a really good analysis, why you should always look a bit deeper into the research and not only read and believe the results, check it out

T-Nation explained how leg training can make your biceps grow. What? Well, the idea is pretty simple, the larger the muscle group involved in training the higher the hormonal response. Check out the details in the article Testosterone Advantage Training

Dr. Johne Rusin explained how to increase the training frequency, train more often in the article Train Harder & Recover Faster With Concentric-Only Training

Train Heroic discussed Why Sport-Specific Training Is A Bad Idea

[Coaches Round Table] experts from different fields and different backgrounds discussing the topic of sport-specific training. Bottom-line? Simply mimicking sports movement under loaded conditions might not yield the benefits you are aiming for.

Whilst I shared some posts outlining the negative effects of coffee in the article recommendations week #17 2017 the negative effects of coffee, T-Nation shared a Tip: How to Supercharge Your Coffee outlining the health benefits of coffee and even reducing some negative effects of caffeine by adding Cocoa.

  • listed 3 Essential Moves For Powerhouse Hamstrings targeting the hamstrings based on the different functions.
  • discussed Can You Build Muscle On A Ketogenic Diet? the ketogenic diet is a hot thing again (as it was around 20 years ago) and the question arises can you gain muscle size without carbohydrates since carbohydrates stimulate insulin, which is an important transportation tool to get the nutrients to the muscle cell.

Men’s Journal explained Why Hip Thrusts Will Make You Strong As Hell based on the recent post from The Rock on Instagram Hip Thrusting

Elite FTS explained

High School Sports discussed why Strength and Conditioning offer many benefits for athletes outlining the importance of physical development for High School athletes and busting some common misconceptions related to Strength & Conditioning.

Stack explained How to Train on the Road With Resistance Bands whilst the video probably doesn’t present the best exercise selection, resistance bands are a worthy tool for athletes that are often on the road. We used resistance bands extensively when I was working with tennis players, as a valuable resistance training solution while they were traveling.

Tony Gentilcore shared It’s a Warm-Up, Not a Social Hour explaining the importance of the warm-up and offering a bottom-up warm-up outline.

Breaking Muscle

T-Nation shared a Tip: The Inverted Pull-Up outlining the benefits and possible progressions. Also check out the newly released tutorial on the pulling pattern, where Doubble Olympian Twan van Gendt and I outline the most common pulling movements, including the Inverted Row

The Strength Sensei shared Keep Your Mouth Shut to Improve Your Performance an interesting article, how nasal breathing can help to improve certain aspects of performance. Also, check out the short video how to teach and promote nasal breathing

Juggernaut Training System shared What’s Your Question? #9 discussing deload weeks for novice lifters, shoulder position during the Snatch, technique training, and emotions, transitioning from a hypertrophy block, strength ratios – sense or nonsense? adjusting volume during cutting, check out the video

Plyometric Training Articles

Stack listed 4 Ways to Use Box Jumps to Increase Your Explosiveness outlining different exercises and plyometric training program considerations.

Speed Training Articles

Elite FTS listed 3 Keys to Building Lightning Fast Speed simple and clear, reminds me of the explanation from Henk Kraaijenhof out of his book Speed is What We Need which literally said’Speed is such a simple skill, that it’s even more important to get the basics right and do them really well.’

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

The Bar Bend shared

Stack explained The Squat Exercise Tall Athletes Should be Doing tall athletes often have more difficulties squatting, therefore the challenge is to find appropriate squat variations for these athletes.

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Catalystathletics discusses the use of GPP for Weightlifting: The Big Secret, or a Waste of Time? what the GPP is, what it does and how it can help Olympic Weightlifting.

The Bar Bend compared Muscle Snatch vs Power Snatch – Benefits and When to Use outlining the differences between the two Snatch derivatives, as well as the advantages of each of the two Olympic Lifts. Also, check out the great tutorial from Catalystathletics discussing the correct Muscle Snatch technique and outlining common technical errors and flaws

The Greatist explained Lifting Heavy Doesn’t Have to Be Intimidating. Here Are 6 Basic Olympic Lifts to Get You Started Olympic Lifting for everyday people.

Deadlift Articles 

Bonvec Strength explained how to lower the bar during a conventional Deadlift in the article Technique Tuesday: Lowering the Bar during the Conventional Deadlift outlining very common mistakes, check out the video tutorial

T-Nation shared a Tip: The Touch-and-Go Deadlift a Deadlift variation, that helps you to lift higher loads as you are not losing the stored elastic energy, as well as using a bit of the bounce of the ground.

Elite FTS explained the solution for deadlifters who neither like the conventional Deadlift or the Sumo Deadlift in their article The Hybrid Deadlift Stance a combination between the both Deadlift variations, check out the video, it’s a very nuanced difference

Highlight of the week

Inspiring to see my young athletes from the Track Cycling development team set new PB’s.

Steffie van der Peet Cleaning 80 kg

Tijmen van Loon setting 6 new Clean PB’s

Mark Bakker Power Clean 85 kg

Wietske Bloemhof Back Squatting 85 kg

Stephan Habets Cleaning 107.5 kg

Steffie van der Peet Back Squatting 105 kg

Mark Bakker Back Squatting 110 kg

Tijmen van Loon Overhead Squatting 70 kg