Article recommendations week #18 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #18 2017

Strength Training Articles

EliteFTS offered

Breaking Muscle looked at The Holistic Way To Track Your Training Progress a good piece on bringing the fundamentals together.

Broscience wrote a great piece explaining 9 Ways to Maximize Your Gains I do like how they outline and break it down to the most important points.

Mike Boyle answered Complete Sports Conditioning Questions a good informative read.

For everyone who likes loaded carries and applies them in their strength training program, T-Nation demonstrated The Top 10 Weighted Carry Exercises outlining the rationale for loaded carries and different loaded carry variations.

Erica Suiter outlined 5 Instances Where More is NOT Better For Athletes a good read and common sense explanations, why more isn’t always better. In fact, it can be detrimental.

Stack explained how to dominate the Overhead Press in the article Mastering the Art of the Overhead Press covering the most important points. Also, check out our tutorial on Pushing, where we also look at different Overhead Press variations

Tony Gentilcore offered a great approach to writing a strength training program in his article The Hardest Topic To Write About: Program Design

Advanced Human Performance offered The Ultimate Bench Press Improver and Chest Enhancing Technique explaining how a different set-up of the bench can help your bench. shared Ketogenic Diet: Your Complete Meal Plan and Supplement Guide an in-depth article on the ketogenic diet.

YLM Sports Science explained Holistic Hamstring Health: Not Just The Nordic Hamstring Exercise a good well-rounded overview of what it needs for healthy hammies.

Muscle & Fitness discussed How Dorian Yates’ HIT Philosophy Redefined Bodybuilding I recommended the podcast with Dorian Yates in last week’s article recommendation here is an example how he challenged the status quo of his sport and ultimately succeeded with his own way of training.

Juggernaut Training published Whats Your Question? #4, check out the video

Nutrition Articles

Boxing Undefeated shared Your Complete Guide To The Keto Diet, all you need to know about the Keto Diet.

Plyometric Training Articles

Stack showed This Simple Exercise is the Key to Increasing Your Vertical Jump how landing or deceleration is helping your vertical. We usually use the landings and deceleration work as the first stage in our plyometric training program.

Fusion Sport released another video on Plyometric Progression with Coach Wilmot, check it out

Speed Training Articles

Stack explained Why You Need to Do More Than Squats and Deadlifts to Get Faster by adding more strength exercises for the posterior chain.

Deadlift Articles 

Elite FTS outlined a way to get a bigger Deadlift in the article Bodybuilding Exercises for Powerlifters — Widen Your Grip to Beef Up Your Back and Deadlift

Power Clean, Power Snatch, and Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics dissected the first pull of the Olympic Lifts Clean or Snatch in the article Lifting the Bar off the Floor: Get it Right without Over-Complicating It the first pull is where lifts are made or lost, consequently, it’s wise to spend some time learning and improving it.

Men’s Health explained How to Do the Snatch to Overhead Squat a great combination, we use all the time. Check out the video

Highlight of the week

The 5th part of the documentary of Pyrros Dimas came out (actually it came out a week before, I just saw it this week). Anyway, it’s a great documentary about the 2000 Olympic Weightlifting competition, which was probably the greatest achievement and come back from Dimas and the 2004 Olympic Weightlifting competition, check it out

I am very happy for my athletes to see them succeeding at the first World Cup of the season


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