Back Squat 97.5 kg Kyra Lamberink

Back Squatting with 97.5 kg Kyra Lamberink Kyra Lamberink newly crowned European Champion U-23 in the team sprint performing a Back Squat with 97.5kg [...]

Back Squat 180kg Nils van’t Hoenderdaal

Back Squatting with 180 kg Nils van't Hoenderdaal Nils van't Hoenderdaal European Champion track cycling 2015 in the team sprint and runner-up at the [...]

Back Squat 100kg Kyra Lamberink

Back Squatting with 100 kg Kyra Lamberink Track cyclist Kyra Lamberink performing a Back Squat with 100kg as a part of his strength training routine. [...]

Overhead Squat 75kg Kyra Lamberink

Overhead Squatting 75kg Kyra Lamberink This video shows track cyclist Kyra Lamberink performing an Overhead Squat with 75kg as a part of her regular strength [...]

Power Snatch Technique Kyra Lamberink 50kg

Power Snatch Technique Analysis Kyra Lamberink This video shows the technique analysis of Track Cyclist Kyra Lamberink performing a Power Snatch with 50kg as [...]