Article recommendations week #16 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #16 2018

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation shared a Tip: Hip Mobility & Strength for Hardcore Lifters a great outline, why hip mobility is important and a good selection of appropriate hip mobility drills.

Tony Gentilcore discussed Sleep And Training: The Ultimate Balancing Act providing strategies for a more effective sleep.

Train Heroic explained Cultivating Context in Your Coaching a really great outline why context is important when discussing training objectives.

Simplifaster described

Dr. John Rusin outlined The Performance Recovery System a really good article outlining the importance of different variables for optimizing recovery, as well as describing the hierarchy of importance of these variables.

The Bar Bend outlined explained

  • the benefits of the Bent-over Row and variations of the Bent-over Row for strength and size in the article The Fourth Powerlift: Your Gateway To Massive Gains also check out the tutorial Twan van Gendt and I did about pulling movements, including variations of the Bent-over Row
  • How to Test Your 1 Rep Max, a good outline of the process of how to test your 1 RM. Check it out
  • How to create a training program as a beginner in the video Beginner’s Guide to Creating Your Own Training Program, a bit lengthy, but definitely good information. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Breaking Muscle described Run Your Own Diet Experiment Like A Scientist a good step-by-step outline to find out what works for you, and even more important, what does not work for you.

T-Nation shared Thibaudeau’s Simple Fat Loss Strategies, strictly speaking, these are more tactics rather than a strategy, check out my article on Linkedin, explaining the difference between strategy and tactics, however, still very valuable tactics, that can help in this article from T-Nation.

Jeff Nippard discussed How To Use CREATINE To Build Muscle: Loading, Timing & Hair Loss? (Science Explained), what Creatine is, how it works, discussing loading periods to achieve saturation, how much strength increase you can expect, responders and non-responders and does it accelerate hair loss or not. Check it out


Speed Training Articles

The Strength Sensei dispelled a few myths and common misconceptions of speed training, as well as pitfalls coaches, tap into in their speed training in the article Bullshit Speed Training

Stack listed 5 Training Mistakes Slowing Down the Progress of Youth Soccer Players good points and not only applicable to soccer players.

Olympic Lifting Articles 

The Bar Bend released Snatch Ultimate Guide outlining the Snatch technique and the different technical phases of the Snatch, as well as assistance exercises to train and improve the Snatch.

Stack explained The Secret to Jumping Higher Without Any Jump Training is Olympic Weightlifting. What it does and how to effectively learn it (for athletes that have to jump).

Dimitry Klokov shared a video, how he Hang Snatched 200 kg at the Fibo in Cologne, check it out

Juggernaut Training Systems explained the Scientific Principles of Weightlifting | Phase Potentiation, what Phase Potentiation is, how to structure the GP (general phase), the Strength Phase and the Peaking Phase, how to sequence the phases for your benefit, how to balance fitness and fatigue and the misapplication, that can harm the potentiation effect of the different phases. Check it out

Squat Articles 

Check out the video, that has been popular across the web. Weightlifter Murakami squats 360 kg, the squat seems to be easier for him, than walking with the bar

The Bar Bend shared The Untold History of the Back Squat a good read about the history of the Back Squat, as the title outlines.

Starting Strength explained The Squat – Upper Back Position how to set your upper back to support the bar optimally in the Back Squat, check it out


Deadlift Articles

T-Nation shared a Tip: From Block Pull to Deadlift a few athletes do struggle to get the start position right, for those athletes, the variation from an elevated position, such as the blocks, can be very helpful.

Juggernaut Training Systems shared Sumo Pillar #3 | Tightness in the Start Position, how to use breathing and bracing for tightness in the start position, activating the lats and taking the slack out of the bar. Check it out