Article recommendations week #3 2022

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #3 2022.

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation listed The 7 Types of Muscle Gainers, the different types of muscle gainers, and how each one should train.

The Bar Bend described Use These Bodybuilding Technique Tips To Unlock New Gains, advanced techniques, and how to use them.

Men’s Health outlined Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry Says Your Workout Success Shouldn’t Depend on Motivation, an interesting insight into his training philosophy.

Jeremy Ethier listed the 15 Best Exercises To Blow Up Your Shoulders, the different areas of the shoulder and how to best train each area. Check it out

Calisthenicmovement discussed How I Got “Fat” and Shredded Again, a 7-month body transformation explained. Check it out

Box Rox explained

Starting Strength shared a Quick Heavy Press Setup Tips, common mistakes, and what to do instead. Check it out

Tech Round released Expert Predictions for Fitness in 2022, discussing what the future of fitness might bring.

Garage Strength described How To Get Strong ‘AF’, discussing the 4 best exercises to get strong. Check it out

Dorian Yates outlined How To Break Through Plateaus. Check it out

Stack described The Signs and Symptoms of SAD On Athletes, what SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is, and how you can detect it.

FitnessFAQs demonstrated tweaks for Bigger Muscles from Push-Ups, simple and straight-forward. Check it out

Generation Iron shared The Muscle Building Guide for Beginners, According to Pro Natural Bodybuilder, useful advice for beginners.

Renaissance Periodization discussed

  • The Five Different Kinds of Training Failure, the different kind of failures, why they occur and what you can do. Check it out
  • How To Best Use Your Custom Training Template, reviewing their own custom training template and how to use it. Check it out

Want to know if the Custom Training Template is any good? Check out Lifting Explained’s video Renaissance Periodization’s Custom Template and the review.

Nutrition Articles

Lift Big Eat Big asked What Does Pre-Workout Feel Like? What Pre-Workouts are and what they do.

Stronger By Science discussed Diet Tracking And Disordered Eating: Which Comes First? Looking at what is the connection between the two.

Renaissance Periodization crushed the myth of Calories Don’t Matter, Hormones Do. Check it out

The Bar Bend shared The Gymgoer’s Guide To Whey Protein, what Whey protein is and how it can help you.

Jeff Nippard demonstrated My New “Maingaining” Diet Explained And How To Eat For Lean Gains. Check it out

Biolayne asked

  • Why Does Intermittent Fasting Work? Looking at the research behind IF (intermittent fasting), and why it works. Check it out
  • If Whey Protein Stays In Your Body for Years!? Is the claim correct that protein shakes stay in your system for years. Check it out

Stronger By Science discussed Does Alkaline Water Increase Blood PH? What alkaline water is, and how it could work. Check it out

Brute Strength explained How To Optimize Nutrition for Better Recovery & Performance. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Stack explained how to get started with weightlifting in the article Building the Foundation for Weightlifting.

The Bar Bend listed

Lift Big Eat Big outlined How To Tall Jerk, what the Tall Jerk is, how to do it, the benefits, common mistakes and technical execution.

Squat Articles

Bach Performance listed The 4 Best Hack Squat Alternatives: How to Build Big Quads Without Stressing Your Spine, what the Hack Squat is, the benefits and alternatives if you don’t have a Hack Squat machine.

Lift Big Eat Big discussed Front Squat vs. Goblet Squat: What’s The Difference? The difference between the two, its’ benefits, how to do them, and which one to choose.

Squat University outlined How to Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt, what anterior pelvic tilt is and how to fix it. Check it out

Broscience presented Arnold Schwarzenegger Insane Leg Workout Routine, how the Austrian oak trained his legs.

Livestrong explained How to Do Barbell Squats, how to do them, the benefits, and different variations.

Renaissance Periodization discussed Knees Over Toes On Quad Movements, the ever-present question of should the knee travel past your toes. Check it out

Elite FTS showed how to do Hack Squats if you don’t have a machine available Rack Hack Squats. Check it out

Catalystathletics released a few Lunge demonstration videos

  • the Walking Lunge
  • the Overhead Walking Lunge

Deadlift Articles

The Bar Bend listed 7 Benefits Of The Deficit Deadlift All Lifters Should Be Aware Of, what the Deficit Deadlift is and what it can do for you.

Elite FTS showed some footage from a High-Intensity Deadlift Workout. Check it out outlined How to Prevent Low Back Pain with Deadlifts, common technical flaws that lead to back pain and how to fix them. Check it out

Squat University outlined How to Fix The Single Leg RDL Problem, how to fix the common problem of opening the hip. Check it out