‘If I have seen further than other, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.’ – Sir Isaac Newton


Let me mentor you

I will mentor you and help you to achieve your training goals.

I help you to accelerate your progress and achieve your results faster.

Whether you want to break into the strength & conditioning industry or progress your career as a strength & conditioning coach.

Step 0: In order to assess how and where I can help you, you need to

  • share your goals
  • outline your current situation
  • explain the difficulties you are experiencing and what courses of action you have already taken

This is done over email.

I will respond with an outline and proposal, if I can help you and how I can help you. (You can expect full disclosure from my side, if I can’t help you. However, I have a vast network of experts, even if I can’t help you, I will be able to recommend someone for you.)

Once you decide on being mentored, we get started.

Step 1: We decide on mentorship structure

  • Weekly contact points
  • Communication channels
  • Organization of material and content (the goal is to create a repository of useful and actionable material for you to use during the mentorship and after the completion of the mentorship)
  • Case study or project based vs teaching or lecturing

Step 2: We create the mentorship outline. This mentorship outline will entail

  • Weekly action steps, that you need to take
  • How we review the results of the action steps

Step 3: We set goals and determine the outcomes. The goal setting determines

  • What you can expect to achieve (and by when you can expect it)
  • What are your learning objectives during the process
  • What are the development objectives for you

After this is done, what happens behind the scenes?

Step 4: You and me develop a structure for the mentorship. This structure outlines

  • How we measure success during the mentorship on a monthly basis.
  • How do we record the mentorship session, so that you have the material at hand to review the mentorship and keep you on track, even after the termination of the mentorship.
  • When does the mentorship terminate / finalize. The mentorship is meant to be temporary and I want to help you to get from point A to point B faster.
  • How do we stay in contact after the termination of the mentorship. I would like to hear from your progress and offer my help, if it’s required.

We will consistently review the mentorship in our weekly contact point. We evaluate the process and can adjust the action steps if needed (you might be making faster progress or slower progress, therefore we need to adjust the process for you to make the maximum impact with your mentorship and reach your goals).

500 EUR / month

Listen how my mentorship has helped others

Matt Solomon

Manu Bajpai