Let me coach you (remote coaching)

I will write your training program and support you along the way through calls, emails and give you feedback on your training progress.

Everyone who wants to become stronger, more powerful, gain muscle mass and / or want to improve their sports-performance.
You need a customized program based on your individual demands in order to achieve your training goals, read further.
Download the step-by-step outline how the remote coaching works. (opt-in)

Step 1: Send me an email, of what your Training goals are and what you are currently doing
Step 2: I will send you a questionnaire where you can specify your training experience with certain strength exercises
Step 3: we connect over Skype or Google Hangout to discuss and finalize the way forward
Step 4: I design an outline of the annual plan (the annual plan is a flexible and working document, which changes over time depending on your progress and training commitments), I design the training periods for the next 12 weeks and I write your training program
Step 5: I ‘send’ the programs to you (we use a shared dropbox folder, where I can ‘drop’ the training program and you can access it from your end
Step 6: you can film yourself and ‘drop’ videos in the Dropbox folder and I will give you feedback on these videos and the technical execution

We will communicate through email.

300 EUR / month for the first month, 200 EUR for the following months

Listen how remote coaching has helped others

Anneke Beerten

Prajnesh Gunneswaran