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Let me analyse your technique

Send me a video of your exercise you would like to get help with (Olympic Lift, Squat variation, Deadlift, etc), I will analyze the video, outline the points of improvement and give you training recommendations of corrective exercises you can use.

Everyone who wants to improve their lifts.
Why should you improve your technique?
Of course everyone knows, that a flawed technique can lead to injuries, but there is more than that! If your technique is flawed, you limit your potential to improve strength, power and size.

Step 1: Film the lift, you want me to analyze, preferably from a diagonal view (an angle of 45 degrees, front view is 0 degrees, side view is 90 degrees)
Step 2: Send me the video as a Dropbox link or google drive link
Step 3: Leave your name and email, where I can notify you
Step 4: Sit back and chill
Step 5: Once the video is published spread the word with your friends and contacts, this is optional, but highly appreciated

  1. You agree that I can share the video publicly on the website and YouTube, so that more people can benefit from it
  2. A share on social media
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