Why Strength Training is important

Ever wondered what the role of strength is in human movements? What the beneficial long-term effects of strength training are?

This video and article discusses

  • how strength training can help age-related muscle loss
  • how strength training can increase bone mineral density
  • how strength training can promote a healthy hormonal environment
  • how strength training can improve posture and general well-being

Every human movement requires some form of strength. Whether we just pick up something from the ground which is very light or something very heavy, some form of strength is required to do that. The difference between the two examples is the magnitude of strength and the application. If everything we do requires some form of strength, it’s logical and common sense that we should work on strength or engage in strength training.

Why strength training is important to reduce age-related muscle loss?

Every human movement requires some form of strength and as we humans grow older we lose this muscular strength. To counter the effect of age-related muscle loss we can engage in strength training.

Why is strength training important to make our joints less vulnerable?

Every joint in our body is surrounded by muscles, if we make these muscles a bit stronger, our joints get more support and become less vulnerable.

Why is strength training important to prevent joint-related problems?

In the course of aging, we get problems with our joints, such as inflammations. The stronger the muscles surrounding a joint, the more we can prevent these inflammations and age-related problems.

Why is strength training important to promote a positive hormonal environment and reduces stress?

We have stress hormones (such as cortisol) and non-stress hormones such as testosterone and human growth hormone) in our body, that balance each other out.

That means the higher the stress hormones, the lower the non-stress hormones, and vice versa.

Stress hormones have a negative effect on the human body, while non-stress hormones have a positive effect on the human body and are beneficial.

Strength training promotes the positive hormonal environment, the levels of non-stress hormones go up and consequently the levels of stress hormones go down.

Why is strength training important to increase bone mineral density?

Another effect of aging is a decrease in bone mineral density. If we engage in strength training again we help to counter that effect of aging and loss of bone mineral density.

Why is strength training important to improve body shape and posture?

If we are looking at body shapes and how we present ourselves, strength training can also help to get us in a bit of a better posture. We are so used to sit hunched over on a computer all the day and as a consequence, our natural tendency over time becomes being like that. Engaging in strength training, we will be able to have a better posture and better body shape.

Concluding Why is strength training important

Strength Training

  • Reduces age related muscle loss
  • Makes our joints less vulnerable and prevents joint-related problems
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases bone-mineral density
  • Improves body shape and posture

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