Why Power Cleans?

Why Power Cleans are important

In this video answers the questions:

  • Why Power Cleans are important
  • The benefits of Power Cleans
  • What Power Cleans can do for you

The Power Clean is one of the best exercises if you want to run faster, jump higher, hit harder or whatever powerful trait your sport requires.

What Power Cleans can do for you

Power Cleans can be a highly rewarding exercise for the athlete and the coach. What I have seen time and time again, is that it makes athletes grow.

The ability to lift more weight over time and get to weights you didn’t think you will ever lift in your life will let your confidence grow and give you a great satisfactory experience. Have a look at these two guys

Power Clean Twan van Gendt 

Power Clean Niek Kimmann

Please note that both videos showed 1RM attempts at a specific moment in time and the Power Clean technique or Clean technique is not optimal and I don’t allow these technical deviations in the regular training. There is a much stricter focus on optimal technical execution, which you can see if you want to browse through the Power Clean video library

How Power Cleans improve technique

Power Cleans can improve movement efficiency and technique, by improving the use of the kinematic chain.

The kinematic chain is a biomechanical principle, that explains how forces get transferred through the body. The strongest muscle groups are in the center of the body and the further away from the center, the less strong the muscles are. In a movement, for example in a jump the muscle groups located near the center of the body contract first, so the recruitment order of the kinematic chain would look like hip extensors, then knee extensors and then ankle extensors as the last link in the chain.

The Power Clean trains exactly this recruitment order and the heavier the load gets the more the body has to use this recruitment order effectively to perform the Power Clean. What that means, if you work on your Power Clean technique over time, this will allow you to improve your ability to use the kinematic chain effectively and improve your technique in running, jumping, throwing and hitting.

For those who want to learn more about the kinematic chain, I can refer to Wikipedia Kinematic Chain and Mechanical Linkage It’s the mechanical application and a really heavy read, only for those who are good with mechanics.

Why Power Cleans Conclusion

If you invest time in learning the Power Clean technique and you are able to mater the Power Clean and use heavier loads over time, you can reap multiple benefits, such as

  • Increased confidence and training motivation
  • Improvement in running, jumping, hitting and throwing due to technical improvements and better use of the kinematic chain

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