Up U Go Train The Trainer Program

Welcome to the Up U Go Train The Trainer Program (TTT).

On this page, you find the recordings from our Up U Go TTT.

Table of content

Introduction Up U Go Train The Trainer Program & Christian Bosse

This intro video of the Up U Go TTT outlines

  • who is Christian Bosse
  • Timelines of the TTT
  • Operational Overview of the TTT
  • Time Frames within the TTT

Lecture 1: Phases of Growth

Lecture 1 discusses

  • the different phases of growth
  • sensitive phases, what they are and why they matter
  • the importance of Fundamental Movement Skills

Lecture 2: Phases of Development

Overview Lecture 2





Lecture 3: Putting all information together

Overview Lecture 3

Exercise Progressions

Session Design, Class Structure and Safety Considerations

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