Strength Training and Plyometric Training Impressions

Strength Training and Plyometric Training impressions featuring

Jelle van Gorkom silver medalist at the Rio Olympics 2016 in BMX performing a

Twan van Gendt BMX rider 5th at the London Olympics 2012 and semi-finalist at the Rio Olympics 2016 performing

Jeffrey Hoogland European Champion track cycling 2015 in the sprint, 1 km time trial and team sprint and runner-up at the World Championships track cycling 2016  in the team sprint performing and Olympian 2016 a Back Squat with 220kg

Steffie van der Peet track cyclist and European champion 2016 in the team sprint (juniors) performing an Overhead Squat with 80 kg

Janne Tiktak track cyclist from the development team performing hurdle jumps

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