Article recommendations week #21 2016

We have searched the net and sorted some of the most interesting and valuable articles of week 21

Strength Training Articles

Breaking Muscle published a really good article about planning the strength training and strength training periodization titled Waves of Strength Training emphasizing the need to vary volume and intensity throughout planning strength training cycles.

The PTDC (Personal Trainer Development Center) shared a valuable article about the use of non-verbal cues in strength training athletes or clients in their article 8 Non-Verbal Cues to Effectively Build a Client’s Trust
This is another article from the PTDC that fits into the category I would have liked to read it earlier in my life. In the previous week they had a great article about dealing with shin splints How to Properly Program For a Client With Shin Splints  which could have prevented quite a few painful moment during my studies of sport sciences.

The Athletic Build offered 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Lift Heavy Weights I personally would add to points to the list of benefits of strength training, 6) it makes athletes fast and explosive and 7) it makes athletes resilient to injuries

Evolve MMA shared insights in how strength training is used to improve the performance of MMA fighters in this specific example on4 Essential Strength Training Tips For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)  I do like the fact, that they emphasized the fact of improving the strength to weight ratio, rather than just simply bulking.

Stack shared an article giving a rationale of The Importance of Strength Training for High School Athletes luckily we start training our athletes early enough…

Eric Cressey  shared his thoughts on an optimum loading for better learning in his article Counterintuitive Coaching: More Loading, Better Learning emphasizing the fact, that a light load doesn’t always lead to the best results in learning techniques. A thought I can fully align with and have seen it over and over again, that you need to have a certain load in order to elicit improvements in motor learning.

Not sure, whether I want to name it article of the week, but I really liked the article There Are No Tricks in Fitness from Breaking Muscle and the application of the simplicity principle or KISS principle or as Leonardo da Vici said: Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication


Plyometric Training Articles

Stack published a really useful hands-on article on how to make plyometric training more effective offering 5 Ways to Make Hurdle Hop Plyometrics More Effective 


Back Squat and Front Squat Articles

T-Nation showed some very useful warm-up and mobility drills that can  and should be done prior to squatting in their article Tip: Do these drills before leg day

Strength & Conditioning Research published a great article on Why do partial squats produce partial results? Giving a good insight into the scientific explanation why partial squat lead to partial results. Something we practitioners already knew, but aways good to have quantifiable data to confirm what we believe.

Muscle and Performance shared an article on the training frequency of Back Squat and Front Squats in a training week in order to improve lower body strength / leg strength

Total Coaching shared a good overview on the benefits of Front Squats in the article How to Front Squat: Improve Your Clients’ Technique as well as pointing out common errors and flaws and how to correct those.


Power Clean Articles

All Things Gym shared a post featuring a video of a tandem Power Clean to Shoulder Press which is just good to watch what feats of strength and power are possible.