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In this mini course you will learn the fundamentals of strength training, the different types of strength training, the most important strength training methods, and how to design different strength training programs.

Welcome to this Mini Course on Strength Training Fundamentals.

In this mini course you will learn, what strength training is, the different types of strength training, and why it’s of utmost importance to understand the different types of strength training.

Because essentially strength training isn’t strength training!


There are different types of strength training and each strength training type leads to different adaptations.

What is different about this course on strength training fundamentals, than what you regularly find?

There are a plethora of different strength training methods, and all have their unique name. Essentially they all miss the point, and people are chasing any of these methods of strength training without understanding why a certain strength training intervention should be implemented, and in the end people are doomed to fail.

The approach of ‘goal-specific strength training’ teaches you to think about your training goal first and then find the right strength training method to reach that training goal.

In this mini-course you will learn the difference between a strength training workout and a strength training program, and why a strength training workout is pretty much useless.

And last but certainly not least, you will have a look over my shoulder on how I design different training programs and you can learn to do the same.

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Lessons In This Course

Lesson 1: What Is Strength Training

Lesson 2: The Different Types Of Strength Training

Lesson 3: The Most Important Strength Training Variables

Lesson 4: Strength Training Methods

Lesson 5: Strength Training Program Design

Lesson 6: Training For Strength (aka Maximum Strength Training Program)

Lesson 7: Training For Muscle Growth (aka Hypertrophy Training Program)

Lesson 8: Training To Become More Powerful (aka Power Training Program)

Lesson 9: Training To Endure Longer (aka Strength Endurance Training Program)