Best Articles & Videos of 2017

It has been a great journey since I started this Website mid-2016 and the feedback and support have been excellent, thank you!

This post is a summary of the Best Of 2017

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The best strength training articles of 2017

The articles are listed in no particular order.

The Ultimate Guide to Power Cleans

I have tried to make this article into an ultimate guide and answered the most common questions revolving around the Power Clean, such as

  • the differences between Power Clean, Clean, Hang Clean and Hang Power Clean
  • the benefits of the Power Clean
  • the technical execution of the Power Clean
  • strength standards
  • muscular activation
  • and workout consideration (reps, sets, intensities, and frequencies).

Accommodating Resistance Training – Bands and Chains

This article discusses

  • ascending and descending strength curves as the basis for using accommodating resistance training
  • the differences between the use of bands vs the use of chains
  • different options for using bands and/or chains
  • benefits of accommodating resistance training
  • and how to use accommodating resistance training effectively

Only 3 Things You Need To Know about Strength Training and Weight Loss

My aim for writing this article was to outline, that weight loss is actually quite simple, please don’t confuse simple with easy, by no means it’s easy, it’s simple!

What does simple mean?

You need to understand (and which is discussed in the article)

  • the basic formula for weight loss
  • how strength training can help to accelerate weight loss
  • what type of strength training you should do and why
  • as well as training frequencies and best exercise choices

If you read one article about Fundamental Movements Read this one

To be honest, this article remains to be finished. However, I have outlined

  • what the basic fundamental movements are
  • how they apply to sport
  • as well as a detailed discussion of the first 5 fundamental movements and what are appropriate exercise choices to train these movements

The best videos / tutorials of 2017

Olympic Strength Training Program

Catchy title simple concept. Again, please don’t confuse simple with easy. This video outlines the thought process of the training plan, I have offered to download on the homepage.

It discusses

  • exercise selection
  • exercise progressions
  • training intensities, reps and sets and how they change throughout the different training cycles
  • the results we saw from the training program
  • as well as some training impressions

How to Increase your Vertical Jump I How to Increase your Vertical Jump for Volleyball

In my opinion, Jeremy Sheppard is one of the smartest guys in the Strength & Conditioning world, and I was happy to get a chance to sit down with him and ask him a few questions all around the topic How to Increase your Vertical Jump.

The video discusses

  • how to increase your Vertical Jump for Volleyball
  • the implementation of Plyometric Training to increase your Vertical Jump
  • what are the best exercises to increase your Vertical Jump
  • how to improve Vertical Jump technique

This video is also available as an article How to Increase Your Vertical Jump for Volleyball – an Interview with Dr. Jeremy Sheppard

Best training impressions of 2017

The year started off pretty well, when my athletes from the BMX National Team on the training regimen, showed their appreciation of the training program, they had to go through during the preparatory period

The following impressions are in no particular order, just browse through and enjoy!

Track Cyclist from the development team Steffie van der Peet Overhead Squatted 95 kg

Track Cyclist from the National Team Harrie Lavreysen set a new Back Squat PB with 220 kg

and a new Front Squat PB with 190 kg

BMX rider from the development team Kevin van den Groenendal showed his explosive qualities

Well, I have written in previous articles, that Box Jumps to high boxes are quite crap, however, usually Kevin comes up with some of the following ideas, so this Box Jump isn’t too bad

BMX Rider from the development team Koen van der Wijst, not only showed that you can muscle a 157.5 kg Clean

But also, that you can muscle a 100 kg Snatch, impressive feats of strength and determination

BMX rider from the development team Justin Kimmann set a new PB with a 155 kg Clean

Track Cyclist from the National Team Jeffrey Hoogland Back Squatted 215 kg

BMX rider from the National Team Dave van der Burg Quarter Squatted 270 kg

BMX rider from the National Team Twan van Gendt Power Cleaned 130 kg from the blocks

and during his holidays, Twan felt the need to compete in a local Deadlift competition, where he set a new national record in his weight category with 275 kg

Mountainbiker Anneke Beerten and BMX rider Niek Kimmann, showed, that despite off having an injury, there are always ways to adjust your training and find ways to train

Sporting highlights of 2017

Last, but definitely not least, some of the sporting highlights of 2017.

In the end, that’s what we are doing it all for, right?

All the heavy training is a means to an end, not the end in itself.

Earlier in the year 2017, we saw some great successes at the Track Cycling World Championships 2017, a silver medal in the team sprint for Theo Bos, Jeffrey Hoogland, Nils van’t Hoenderdal, Matthijs Büchli and Harrie Lavreysen

and a silver medal in the individual sprint for Harrie Lavreysen

Later during the year at the Track Cycling European Championships 2017, our women Kyra Lamberink, Hetty van der Wouw and Shanne Braspennincx finished 3rd in the team sprint

Also, the men secured the bronze medal in the team sprint and Jeffrey Hoogland secured the European title in the 1 km Time Trial event

We also saw some good success from the BMX riders, Dave van der Burg and Twan van Gendt made it to the podium of the Papendal, Netherlands World Cup

Twan won the World Cup in Zolder, Belgium

and finished 2nd at the European BMX Championships 2017

and Kevin van den Groenendal finished 2nd at the BMX World Championships 2017

World number #2 junior men.

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My daughter finished her level 2 swimming diploma

and my son and his team finished on top of their league

I wish you all an awesome 2018!