Back Squatting 175kg for 10 reps Twan van Gendt

Back Squatting 175 kg for 10 reps at 82 kg body weight Twan van Gendt

Professional BMX rider and two-time Olympian Twan van Gendt performing 10 reps in the Back Squat with 175kg at 82 kg body weight.

This set has been the last set of his Back Squat sets on this particular day, he already squeezed out 3 sets of 2 reps at 90% 1RM in the Back Squat.

Twan van Gendt has reached the final at the London Olympic Games in 2012 and the semi-final at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016

See more of Twan’s strength and power feats and stay tuned, some more incredible stuff from Twan van Gendt will come soon.

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