Article recommendations week #8 2019

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #8 2019

Strength Training Articles

Fitness & Power listed 8 Best Exercises for Building Lean Muscle Mass, a selection of the most valuable compound movements.

Simplifaster shared

YLM Sports Science compared Traditional Vs Block Periodized Strength Training, outlining study results, comparing block periodization and traditional periodization on upper body strength and power development.

T-Nation shared

Elite FTS outlined

  • life lessons from Magic Johnson in the article Positivity, Desire, and Magic interesting points from one of the greatest. If you don’t know who Magic Johnson is, check this short video

There are countless of videos of Magic Johnson though…

Train Heroic explained How to Turn Goals into Daily Habits That Produce Results, a good outline of how to set goals and adhere to these goals.

Fitness FAQ demonstrated how to Unlock the Push-Up, and how to learn and progress the push up for beginners. Check it out

Eric Cressey listed 5 Strategies to Avoid Overthinking Strength and Conditioning Programs, how to identify what matters most and then systematically address in your program design.

Tony Gentilcore shared Part 2: Correcting The Lower Back And Hips, an in-depth outline of hip and lower back anatomy, and how to best train these regions.

Starting Strength showed a cue for the initiation of the Overhead Press, check it out

Breaking Muscle discussed Ankle Mobility – Training Inside Out, the importance of ankle mobility, how to assess ankle mobility, and how to effectively train it.

The Bar Bend listed

  • 10 Incredibly Useful Powerlifting Tips, not very common tips, but definitely useful.
  • Best Lifting Shoes 2019, comparing and rating the best shoes for squatting, best shoes for women, best shoes for men, best for weightlifting, and the best money to quality ratio shoe.
  • the differences between Chin-ups vs Pull-ups, movement execution, muscular activation, and typical exercise variation and exercise progressions. Check it out

Men’s Health outlined How to Master the Handstand, the requirements for a handstand, and progressions to follow to master the handstand.

Nutrition Articles

T-Nation shared a Tip: How Much Protein Can You Absorb? whilst this is an evergreen topic, this article doesn’t state one specific number but much rather consider the different variables involved in the rate of absorption.

Picture Fit compared Intermittent Fasting vs Regular Dieting and looking at the research behind the two. Check it out

The Bar Bend asked Does Caffeine Actually Burn Fat? discussing the role of caffeine in energy expenditure, fat oxidation, appetite control and the side-effects of caffeine.

Renaissance Periodization shared The RP Diet 2.0 | Chapter 9 | Nutritional Periodization, what nutritional periodization is, and why it’s important. And how to periodize your nutrition for fat loss, and weight management, as well as for weight gain. Check it out

Stack discussed How Much Protein You Can Safely Eat in One Day? looking at the different rates of absorption for different nutrients. listed The top 19 nutrition myths of 2019 grab a cup of coffee or two and read through this in-depth guide busting common nutrition myths.

Jeff Nippard explained Why We Get Slow Metabolisms & Should You Reverse Diet? an interview with Dr. Eric Trexler discussing why the metabolism slows down, effective reverse dieting, rate of weight loss and its’consequences, and the different weight loss strategies for different training goals. Check it out

Speed Training Articles

Simplifaster listed Top Six ‘Drills’ with a Purpose, the rationale why to select these drills and the considerations for drill selection.

Olympic Lifting Articles

The Bar Bend listed 3 Keys to the Perfect Weightlifting Workout Program, an in-depth article on weightlifting program design, how to adapt and adjust the program, how to make it sustainable, and planning considerations.

Catalystathletics outlined the correct Hand & Wrist Position In The Snatch & Jerk what the right grip is, how to find your right grip, typical errors and how to fix these. Check out the additional explainer video

Squat Articles shared Ask the Muscle Doc: Are Squats the Key to Maximizing Hamstring Development? discussing the relative importance of the hamstring, and outlining recent studies, and outlining that the squat isn’t enough for maximum hamstring development, whilst there is a certain degree of hamstring activation during the squat. Also, check out the article What is the prime mover in the Back Squat?

The Bar Bend outlined how to detect and address the different sticking points in the squat in the article The Definitive Guide to Overcoming Squat Sticking Points.

Deadlift Articles 

Jeff Nippard discussed Build A Bigger Deadlift With Perfect Technique (Conventional Form), following up on last week’s post on the Sumo Deadlift, this time, discussing the conventional deadlift, the muscular activation, the technical execution, and typical technical flaws and how to correct them. Check it out

Juggernaut Training Systems outlined Powerlifting Cues And What They Mean for the Deadlift, cues for the start position and movement initiation, upper body positioning, and hip positioning cues for the finish position. Check it out