Article recommendations week #7 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #7 2018

Strength Training Articles

Stack listed 2 Essential Factors Athletes Cannot Ignore About Workout Recovery outlining the importance of active and passive recovery, as well as the most important recovery modalities, that you simply have to adhere to – sleep and nutrition.

T-Nation Train shared

The Bar Bend listed 10 Commandments of the Bench Press definitely good advice to follow.

Simplifaster took

Tony Gentilcore explained

Catalystathletics shared

Breaking Muscle presented

The Strength Sensei listed 6 tips to train your brain in the article How To Learn: 6 Tips to Train Your Brain and guess what all tips are basically about habit formation and avoiding certain habits.

Shredded by Science explained How To Sleep Better and Sleep Aid Supplements, which supplements are available, which are most effective, as well as the recommended dosages for the supplements. Check it out

The Fan Garage shared Badminton Fitness Training: Part 1 – Sport specific approach to strength training programs I think they a really good overview, how to design a training program for a specific sport by explaining their thought process and apply training principles.

Stronger By Science expanded on Concurrent Training for the Powerlifter, Part 2: Physiology & Application by explaining what happens on a cellular level, the use of different energy systems and activation of different muscle fiber types, as well as a practical application on how to structure your training. Useful information, not only for Powerlifters. Also, check out part 1, an intro to Concurrent Training.

Elite FTS explained how to Establishing Team Culture in the Spring — FUNdamentals how to combine fun with the necessary work in the pre-season.

Lift Big, Eat Big discussed How Long Do I Rest In Between Sets? a pretty simple, straightforward and common-sense advice. Check it out

Power Athlete HQ shared Lab To Leg Day: How To Be A Scientific Strength And Conditioning Coach discussing the art and science of coaching.

Barbell Shrugged shared Building Movement Capacity, an interesting talk about exploring a variety of movement patterns that can be added to your regular training routine and outline the rationale for the implementation of different movement patterns. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Vox explained How many calories Olympians eat what I really like about this article is the nuanced discussion on calorie consumption based on sport and discipline, as it sheds a more realistic light on the reality than past stories of Olympians and their insane amount of calorie intake.

Science For Sport published an in-depth piece on Hydration Testing, what it is, different forms of hydration testing, what it can do and can’t do and necessary future research on the topic.

Coach Nine outlined How much protein is best for bigger, stronger muscles? This study has the answer how much protein you need depending on your activity, body weight, where you can get your protein from, and do you need to supplement.  shared Jim Stoppani’s Science-Backed Way To Shred not really rocket science, but very simple and applicable advice.

T-Nation shared a Tip: It Grows Muscle, Too presenting a recent study outlining the health benefits of coffee.

Shredded by Science discussed How To Use Whey Protein, What Is Casein Protein? and Amino Acid Supplements, understanding the main difference of the three is important for nutrient timing. Check it out

Plyometric Training Articles

Simplifaster reviewed a book Plyometric Anatomy and shared the results in the Plyometric Anatomy Book Review outlining the importance of Plyometrics and emphasizing the fact, that the book entails real-world practical application, rather than scientific concepts.

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Muscle & Fitness listed 5 Reasons Your Push Press Sucks, short and concise advice. Also, check out a quick tip I have provided for T-Nation going through the Push Press

The Bar Bend outlined

Stack shared A Beginner’s Guide to Coaching Olympic Lifts: Starting Strong outlining a teaching progression how to teach the Power Snatch.

Aleksey Torokhtiy shared Weightlifting seminar at a CrossFit gym in Montreal, some impressions from his weightlifting seminar. Check it out

Why do I share this?

Aleksey and I are hosting a Master Class Olympic Weightlifting, check it out, whether you want to join in person or join the live stream to enjoy the event.

Squat Articles 

Muscle & Fitness showed some footage of WWE star John Cena squatting big weights with very solid technique, worth checking out in the article Watch: John Cena Quietly Crushes Monster 240kg Squat On Legs Day

T-Nation shared Tip: Fix That Butt Wink! how to avoid the butt wink by employing a correct bracing maneuver. Check it out

Elite FTS explained Using Squat Variations to Alter Movement Patterns how to find the correct squat variation based on your technical flaw.

Deadlift Articles

T-Nation shared The 5 Most Dangerous Deadlift Mistakes what they are and offering a few solutions on how to fix them. listed 4 Secret Weapons For A Killer Deadlift, whether they are really secret I don’t know, but definitely good and useful advice.

Juggernaut Training Systems released Deadlift Pillar #1 | Hip Hinge finding the right stance, distance from the bar in the start position, the hip hinge pattern and how to get into the correct start position for your body dimensions. Check it out