Article recommendations week #7 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #7 2017

Strength Training Articles

The Strength Sensei explained Strength Training Made Simple – The 5 Principles For Pencil Pushers a great approach explaining the importance of mastering and applying the fundamentals for, how he calls it. ‘pencil pushers’.

Breaking Muscle shared two great training articles

Elite FTS redefines functional training in their article Back to the Basics, Back to Functional Training a good and simplistic approach to planning and categorizing the strength training.

The Bar Bend compared the Best Lifting Belts a truly in-depth comparison, that leaves no question about lifting belts unanswered. Absolute worth checking out!

Stack shared

Renaissance Periodization offered Glute Training Tips for Hypertrophy a good overview of rep ranges, intensities, volume and exercise selection to make the glutes grow.

TheBarbell Physio shared Foam Roll 2.0 – Six Drills For Improved Performance Now 6 basic foam roll drills to implement in the training program.

Eric Cressey posted an interesting article on the use of elastic bands/resistance bands Overlooked Uses for a J-Band – Part 1

Lori Lindsay looked at the design of an appropriate strength training program for female soccer players in the article Female Soccer Players: Strengthen These 3 Key Areas

Elite FTS explained how to integrate Prehab work into the strength training routine Prework: The Best Thing Your Training Program Likely Needs

Power Training Articles

Bonvec Strength shared Power Development for Powerlifters: 3 Underutilised Methods a great article how to implement a power training development into the training program of Powerlifters.

Plyometric Training Articles

Complementary Training shared Plyometric Progression with Coach Wilmot | Part 2 looking at contact times and jump height in repeated jumps, check out the video

If you missed part 1, check out here

Back Squat, Front Squat, and Overhead Squat Articles 

Stack showed 4 Split Squat Variations That Build Strong Legs a great article showing the different variations of the Bulgarian Split Squat. Whilst the regular Bulgarian Split Squat should be the bread and butter exercise of your strength training program, these variations are useful variations in your toolbox.

Dean Somerset explains how to solve problems with squatting deep in the 3 Simple Squat Depth Solutions

The Barbell Rehab explained My Three Laws of Squatting focussing on important key point in the squatting technique.

Tony Gentilcore shared The Humble Goblet Squat, how to use the Goblet Squat to teach proper squatting mechanics, including progressions from simple to complex.

The Poliquin Group explained how Squats Save Lives explaining the benefits of squatting as well as providing different squat variations for different needs.

Juggernaut Training Systems posted a tutorial on how to Improve Overhead Squat Movement, check out the tutorial

Deadlift Articles

Dr. John Rusin shared 5 Steps To Building A Pain-free Deadlift a solid overview of the fundamental key points of the Deadlift.

Stronger By Science compared the conventional Deadlift and the Trap Bar Deadlift in the article Trap Bar Deadlifts are Underrated a thorough in-depth article bridging the art & science of deadlifting.

Power Clean, Power Snatch, and Olympic Lifting Articles

Bar Bend demonstrated and explained 4 Advanced Exercises Elite Chinese Weightlifters Do To Build Strength and Power great article and the embedded videos are quite cool, however, it’s advanced and exclusive improve to weightlifting performance.

Juggernaut Training Systems explained how strength development can look for Olympic Weightlifters in their article Strength Development For Weightlifting.

Oleksiy Torokhtiy shared a tutorial on Clean & Jerk technique, check it out

Highlight of the week

Great to see, that the first test event of this season has brought some great results.


Let’s hope the best for the rest of the season and congrats to Twan van Gendt