Article recommendations week #6 2019

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #6 2019

Strength Training Articles

YLM Sports Science answered How Many Times Per Week Should A Muscle Be Trained To Maximize Muscle Hypertrophy? outlining study results that indicate that the training volume seems to be more important than the training frequency.

Shrugged Collective chatted about

  • sets and reps, planning and programming and specificity vs variation. Check it out
  • How To Eliminate Pain (4 Essentials) and Get Healthy Now, the importance of awaenes, the words you choose and

T-Nation shared a

Elite FTS outlined

  • Two Crucial Components Your Training is Missing, the importance of torque and tension, why it matters, and what happens, if you lack one of those ingredients.
  • The Most Common Mistakes Novice Powerlifters Make, what do most people do not get right. Check it out
  • How to Properly Do a Bench Press Lift-Off, the basics of the lift-off. Looks like Dave Tate, was in a good mood on the day of the recording, check it out

Fitness FAQ provided progressions to Unlock the PULL-UP, how to get to either more reps or more added weight in your pull-up. Check it out

Men’s Health explained

Power Athlete HQ listed a few fitness fallacies, and how to battle them in the article Battle The Bullshit: Fitness Guru Fallacies

Picture Fit discussed Depression: Is Lifting Weights the Answer? looking at current research on the relationship between resistance training and the reduction of symptoms of depression. Check it out

Breaking Muscle outlined an alternative to the regular Triceps Cable extensions in the article The Ultimate Band Pressdown.

The Bar Bend explained How to Plan the Perfect Off-Season to Smash Weaknesses, listing a few considerations for the planning of your off-season, including example programs.

Train Heroic shared Creating a Culture of High Performance, what culture is and the different ingredients needed to create a winning culture.

Boxrox listed 7 Core Strength Exercises to Improve Performance and Develop your Abs, showing a combination of drills/exercises for horizontal and vertical stability.

Jeff Nippard outlined

  • his take on motivation, how much muscle mass is healthy, different rest periods, do cardio and flexibility kill gainz, and his take on drop sets in this Q & A video. Check it out
  • How To Build Great Glutes with Perfect Hip Thrust Technique, looking at the anatomy and function of the glutes, the research behind the hip thrust, how to set up for the hip thrust, how to execute it and common technical flaws. Check it out

Following up on the topic of core stability, Stack released How Overcomplicated ‘Core Training’ Is Making Athletes Worse, discussing the role of the most common core stability exercises, and how they tend to fail in the preparation of the athletes for the demands of most sports.

Juggernaut Training Systems shared Powerlifting Cues And What They Mean, what cues are, how to use them, and example cues the JTS guys use. Particularly interesting I found the relationship between the number of cues per lift and training intensity. Check it out

Complementary Training described the Agile Program Design, how to use the agile methodology from product design and project management to training program design.

Youth Strength Training Articles

Robertson Training Systems listed 6 Random Thoughts On Programming For And Coaching Young Athletes, straightforward thoughts on how to approach youth training taking into consideration maturation, and cognitive development.

Nutrition Articles

Aleksey Torokhtiy discussed Intermittent Fasting – Benefit Or Harm? What intermittent fasting is, the different fasting windows, and how to include training considerations into your dietary strategy.

Renaissance Periodization shared The RP Diet 2.0 | Chapter 7 | Diet Adherence, what adherence is, the importance of adherence, and different variables that influence adherence, motivation vs discipline, habit-forming, etc. Check it out

Speed, Agility & Plyometric Training Articles

Stack described how to Combine Plyometrics With Your Agility Drills for More Explosive Movement, outlining why it’s a good idea to combine plyo drills with and agility drills, including some example drills. However, I have to say, some of the drills outlined are better than others. I believe the true value in combing plyos and agility is to find movement patterns, as they occur in sports, such as a split step followed by a sprint and change of direction.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Simplifaster made The Case Against the Hang Power Clean, why Hang Power Cleans, opposite to common beliefs, is not the same, as the full Clean, and outlining the unique benefits of the full Olympic lifts.

Juggernaut Training Systems described

  • the reasons for a Weak Explosion during the Olympics Lifts, and how to fix it. Check it out
  • Weightlifting Cues And What They Mean, similar to the Powerlifting Cues, mentioned earlier in this article, describing what cues are, how to use them, maximum number of cues based on the training intensity, and some specific weightlifting cues. Check it out

Deadlift Articles 

T-Nation shared Deadlift More Weight Today, Safely listing different deadlift fixes, based on your weakest points.