Article recommendations week #6 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #6 2018

Strength Training Articles

Stack listed 4 Smart Ways to Progress Your Training When You Can’t Add More Weight the title says it all, different options to progress if you can’t increase the load.

The Poliquin Group released The Lean Body Composition Checklist. How Many Can You Check Off The List? outlining the most important variables for a lean body.

Breaking Muscle explained the importance of a purpose and committing to a purpose in the article Committing To Your Why

The Bar Bend explained Save Your Shoulders: The Ultimate Prehab Workout if you ever had shoulder pain you know, why Shoulder Prehab is worth its time and effort.

Elite FTS discussed

T-Nation shared

Complementary Training outlined a variation of the concept of horizontal vs vertical planning and its application in the article Strength Training: Planning The Training Block – Part 3. Also, check out part 1 and part 2 of this series.

Simplifaster shared

Juggernaut Training Systems outlined Recovery Adaptive Strategies, outlining the most important variables to improve recovery, and different active and passive recovery methods, as well as recovery gadgets you can forget. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Renaissance Periodization discussed Is strength training safe for children? an outline, why strength training is safe, as well as appropriate exercise choices for different athletes.

Nutrition Articles

Fitness & Power shared The Ketogenic Diet Has the Ability to Increase Your Metabolism 10 Times the Standard American Diet outlining the results of a study, that found the ketogenic diet to be superior to the standard American diet, the results can be even further improved, if combined with physical exercise.

Bach Performance listed 8 Fat Loss Mistakes To Avoid (And What To Do Instead) really good and useful advice.

Picture Fit discussed

  • More vs Less Protein For Fat Loss, looking at a study with different protein supplementation and why during fat loss protocols protein intake should be elevated. Check it out
  • What is CARNITINE and Is It Worth Taking? outlining the 3 different forms of carnitine and what the science says about carnitines effectiveness. Check it out

Shredded by Science shared

  • Does Lifting Weights Decrease Glycogen? How Much Glucose Do We Store? how much muscle glycogen can you store and how does heavy and light resistance training affect glycogen storage. Check it out
  • The Role Of Multivitamins | What Are Water-Solubleuble Vitamins? a great outline of the different vitamins, their function and which are the best sources for the different vitamins. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles 

T-Nation shared a Tip: Are You Ready to Olympic Lift? the pre-requisites you need to check off before doing the Olympic Lifts.

Juggernaut Training Systems discussed Front Rack Mobility, outlining the difficulties most people have to get an appropriate Front Rack position, as well as a variety of Front Rack mobility drills depending on your training level. Worth checking out

Squat Articles 

T-Nation shared The Squat Is Overrated discussing if you want to target every muscle according to its function, you need to perform more exercises than just a squat.

The Bar Bend discussed Flat Vs. Heeled Lifting Shoes for Squatting: Choosing What’s Best For You outlining the differences between the two, as well as advising which one to take.

Ben Pollack hit on the same discussion and asked When Should You Wear Squat Shoes? a nuanced discussion, who should wear Squat Shoes and who not. Definitely, do check it out

Deadlift Articles

Tony Gentilcore outlined

Starting Strength explained How to Fix Common Deadlift Technique Errors with Andy Baker, listing 4 Deadlift errors and how to avoid them. Check it out