Article recommendations week #6 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #6 2017

Strength Training Articles

Coach Mag published Strength Training: 7 Essential Barbell Moves To Get Stronger Great article, how to include the main movements into a strength training program, if you have a closer look at the “Magnificent 7′ they are proposing you can see every move targets one of the primal movements of Squatting, Bending, Lunging, Pushing, Pulling. If you want to read more about the primal movements check out

Breaking Muscle explained The Role Of Split Lifts In Improving Athleticism a great article explaining the why, how and what of split lifts for improved sports performance.

Men’s Health shared

  • The Perfect Warmup Is Just 5 Moves, how to use hybrid drills for greater efficiency and functionality
  • The Science Of Why You Get Hangry Hangry is the phenomenon of getting angry when you are hungry, therefore h (for hunger) and angry (for angry), which is caused by low glucose levels in the brain. For more information check out the Ted Talk Don’t get hangry: feed your brain healthy food by Brad Bushman


Fitness & Power gives you

Muscle & Fitness explained how to Master The Chin Up, check out the short tutorial

Dr. John Rusin discussed The Smarter Alternative To Ineffective Unstable Surface Training a really great article on unstable surface training, offering variations and exercises and what I particularly like coaching points, great!

Juggernaut Training Systems talked about The Jugglife: Top 10 Strength Feats Of All-Time, check it out

Power Training Articles

T-Nation offered a Tip: Rethink the Dynamic Effort Method a great article discussing the Dynamic Effort Method and explaining why you should have a good foundation before adding the Dynamic Effort Method to your Strength Training Program or Power Training Program.

Stack explained how to Build Explosive Power With Trap Bar Jumps explaining the principles of a Power Training program, how to maximise power output and discussing the Barbell Jump Squat vs the Trap Bar Jumps. Check out the video on how to do Trap Bar Jumps from Ben Bruno

Plyometric Training Articles

Complementary Training shared Plyometric Progression with Coach Wilmot | Part 1 a really good progression for the design of a plyometric training program. Check out the video

Did anyone see the small dip movement in the Squat Jumps?

Back Squat, Front Squat, and Overhead Squat Articles 

FootballScoop shared an interesting insight as Bill Belichick had players squatting 80% of their max and going through full padded practices Super Bowl week which again pours oil into the discussion of how strength training can impair acute sports performance. In the case of the Patriots it clearly didn’t impair their performance. We actually follow a very similar approach with our Olympians. Only difference we also lift at higher intensities at times, than 80% of the max.

Bar Bend explained Learn How to Pattern a Stronger, Healthier Squat with These 3 Movements a very solid article on acquiring and consolidating a good Back Squat technique and Front Squat technique.

Tony Gentilcore disclosed My Go To Squat Progression For Pretty Much Everyone his approach to nail a proper Back Squat technique.

Stack shared the Front Squat 101: How to Master The Move in 5 Minutes a great overview of how to perform a Front Squat and the key points in the Front Squat technique.

T-Nation offered a Tip: Master the Safety Squat Bar the safety bar squat is a valuable addition, if you are not able to do regular Back Squats or when working around an injury, something we have to do quite a few times. Check out the video

Deadlift Articles

T-Nation offered a Tip: Deadlift Split Squats for Quads and Core the split Deadlift can be an interesting alternative, from my experience you will pretty quickly get to a point, where the grip strength becomes the limiting factor, so factor that in if you are seriously working on this Deadlift variation. Check out the video

Stack asked Struggling with Deadlifts? Try These Alternative Exercises I have seen that many times athletes (and non-athletes) struggling with the regular Deadlift, this article offers great alternatives.

EliteFTS discussed The Sumo Deadlift — You’re Doing It the Wrong Way a nuanced piece on the Sumo Deadlift and the application to training.

Power Clean, Power Snatch, and Olympic Lifting Articles

Bar Bend stated 10 Things Every Beginner and Intermediate Olympic Weightlifter Should Learn, simple and solid advice for everyone who trains the Olympic Lifting movements.

Stack explained How to Perform the Power Clean a really good article on the benefits of the Power Clean, what muscles are worked in the Power Clean and a pretty solid description of the Power Clean technique. Also, check out

Catalystathletics explained how to maintain a strong posture during the first pull, transition and second pull phase of the Power Snatch technique and Power Clean technique in the article Ask Greg: Correcting Tipping Over the Bar in the Snatch & Clean

To check out the different phases of Power Snatch technique and Power Clean technique, check out

Highlight of the week

This message definitely hits home with me, as I always had difficulties understanding how to motivate someone externally, if they are not motivated intrinsically. Reminds me of the quote attributed to Jim Rohn ‘Motivation is what gets you started, discipline keeps you going.’