Article recommendations week #52 2017

The year 2017 comes to an end and I have reflected on my 2017 in the article Best Of 2017 outlining the best articles, best videos, best training impressions and sporting highlights of 2017.

Here we go with the last article recommendation of 2017, the most valuable and interesting articles of week #52 2017

Strength Training Articles

The Bar Bend shared The Complete Guide to Naturally Boosting Growth Hormone I like that they emphasize the fact, that the main drivers for naturally boosting growth hormone are training, recovery, and nutrition, not supplements.

Bach Performance shared The Ultimate Guide To Building Muscle Without Getting Fat a detailed outline how to gain muscle mass without adding body fat by focussing on appropriate training and nutrition interventions.

Elite FTS explained

T-Nation shared

Complementary Training described his approach to Strength Training: Planning the Training Block Part 1 I definitely like Mladen’s common sense and analytical approach to training planning.

Starting Strength published an excerpt from an older interview The Simple Approach with Ed Coan and Marty Gallagher, Ed Coan is unarguably one of the greatest Powerlifters ever, it’s very interesting to hear how simple his training approach was and what he was emphasizing the most in his training, ‘don’t miss a lift’, check it out

Simplifaster listed 6 Top Circuit Training Workouts for Sport discussing the benefits of Circuit Training, the practical problems with Circuit Training, and an outline of possible Circuit Training programs.

Juggernaut Training Systems discussed the subtle differences between Male vs. Female Training and outlining their experience training athletes of different gender, why female athletes tend to be able to tolerate higher volumes, the psychological differences on how male and female athletes approach training and evaluate training and much more, check it out

Nutrition Articles

Picture Fit listed 3 Weight Gaining Mistakes | How to Start Gaining Weight, gaining lean weight is as much of a challenge, as losing excess body fat. To dominate lean weight gain you have to follow certain principles and avoid doing some of the common mistakes. Check it out

The Barbell Shrugged Podcast shared Effects of Drinking Alcohol on Training and Recovery w/ Alcohol Scientist Dr. Jakob Vingren discussing how frequency, timing, and quantity of alcohol consumption affects recovery, as well as the effects of alcohol on the hormonal system and immune system. Check it out

Speed Training Articles

American Football International listed The 10 Best Speed Exercises for Athletes whilst I do agree with the majority of exercise choices, I am wondering why it doesn’t apply any specific speed exercises to the list.

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Elite FTS took a deep-dive into The Validity of Olympic-Style Weightlifting Exercises for Athletes looking at research, as well as practice-based evidence collected over decades to explain the benefits of Olympic-style Weightlifting on improving sports performance. The only crux, you need to start early to teach those lifts, to give the athletes a chance to get technically proficient to reap the benefits of these exercises.

Juggernaut Training Systems explained the Barbell Trajectory, what Barbell Trajectory is on the Olympic Lifts, how to identify whether the Barbell Trajectory is sub-optimal and outlining corrective exercises, check it out

The Bar Bend followed up on last week’s article Muscle Clean – Muscles Worked, Exercise Demo, and Benefits with

Catalystathletics shared

  • Ask Greg: Snatch Crashing from Floor but Not Blocks or Hang discussing the problem, when the bar crashes down on the athlete in the catch position and the athlete isn’t able to lock out the bar.
  • Complexes Part 2: Snatch & Clean Pull Focus outlining the specific benefits of Lifting Complexes. What I particularly like is the point Greg emphasizes, that every complex should have a specific purpose and is not an end in itself. If you have missed the first part outlining the basics, check it out here also, check out an example how we use Lifting Complexes, such as the Deadlift & Power Clean from BMX rider and Olympian 2016 Niek Kimmann

Squat Articles 

Elite FTS shared Dave Tate’s Free Squat Manual a true in-depth guide on squatting, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the read (it’ll take you some time though).

Juggernaut Training Systems discussed Squat School | Jackie Perez analysing the Back Squat technique of one of their athletes, I like the fact they use 70 – 80 % 1 RM as an optimal intensity to access technique, as a lower intensity wouldn’t allow you to see the technical flaws and a higher intensity wouldn’t allow you to focus on technical execution as much. Interesting to see, the process how they analyze the technique and how they correct it, check it out

Deadlift Articles 

Stack outlined the benefits and the use of  The Hook Grip Deadlift: Why Every Lifter Should Know This Powerful Technique