Article recommendations week #52 2016

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #52 2016

Best Articles of 2016

Since it is the end of the year, quite a few people have made the effort to collate the best articles of the year 2016, here we go

Eric Cressey killed it with

Tony Gentilcore shared

The PTDC shared their Best Fitness Articles of 2016

The Barbell Rehab shared the Top Five Articles of 2016

Complementary Training shared The Best of Complementary Training in 2016

And last but not least, I have shared the Best Strength Training Articles 2016


Strength Training Articles

Breaking Muscle explained

Elite FTS shared

RippedBody published A Detailed Guide to Training Progression a great piece involving thoughtful ideas on how to progress at different levels (novice, beginner, intermediate,…)

Stack offered

T-Nation offered a Tip: 5 Ways to Dominate the Toughest Ab Exercise a really good approach to exercise progressions to master the standing rollout.

The Elite Performance Institute explained the purpose of the Strength & Conditioning Philosophy why you should have one and how it helps.

Fitness & Power explained Most Common Ways to Elevate Your Muscle Building Hormones simple and applicable strategies.

Lift Big – Eat Big shared why Weak Backs Are Injury-Prone Backs which aligns with my experiences.

Muscle & Fitness released an interesting and shocking fact in their article Why Too Many Rest Days Can Weaken Your Brain


Youth Strength Training Articles

Science For Sport shared an insightful infographic from BelievePerform on 10 Ways Coaches Can Promote Positive Youth Development how to build and promote youth development and why it matters.


Plyometric Training Articles

Speed-Endurance published 5 Things I’ve Learned About Training for Jumps as a College and Youth Coach, whilst this article is based on training for the jumping disciplines in track & field it also holds great value for jumping/plyometrics as a means to improve speed and power for other sports.


Speed Training Articles

Bret Contreras‘ January Research Preview: Resisted Sprinting Edition takes a deeper look into the science of resisted sprinting and it’s application.


Back Squat, Front Squat and Overhead Squat Articles 

Barbend discussed When Butt Wink Is a Problem (And When It Isn’t) some good considerations for your squatting.

Men’s Journal offered 5 Mobility Moves That Will Help You Lift More Instantly in the Overhead Squat.

T-Nation looked at the different options to hold the bar in a Front Squat in their article Tip: 3 Ways to Front Squat

Juggernaut Training System shared Squat School EP 3, where they analyze the Squatting technique of different athletes. Worth watching, have a look at the video


Deadlift Articles

Elite FTS shared WATCH: Painless Hook Grip Technique an interesting application how to use the hook grip for Deadlifts. Have a look, how Clint Darden explains it in his own style


Power Clean, Power Snatch, and Olympic Lifting Articles

Men’s Health shared This Exercise Will Make Your Whole Body More Powerful I have used the Dumbell Power Snatch extensively with my Tennis Players, Beach Volleyball Players and Volleyball Players. It’s a good alternative and easier to learn than the Power Snatch with the bar.

Highlights of the week

Some of my athletes have put in the effort to bring their year 2016 into a short video documentary.