Article recommendations week #51 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #51 2017

Strength Training Articles

Catalystathletics explained How to Pick the Right Warm-up Weights outlining common mistakes in the warm-up for bigger lifts and using the example of 3 Olympic Weightlifters, how they used to warm-up for their record attempts. In addition to that, I have shared in last weeks article recommendation the warm-up of Lasha Talakhadze for his 220 kg Snatch world record (16 warm-up sets!), check it out if you have missed it


These successful athletes do a lot of warm-up sets for their big lifts and set records. You probably need a few more warm-up sets with very technical lifts like the Snatch, however, the examples indicate, that you need multiple warm-up sets.

Simplifaster outlined

Bach Performance described the importance of aligning your rest periods with your training goals Rest Your Way To Massive Muscle Growth

Breaking Muscle explained Why Strength Still Matters In The Modern World describing the evolution of strength & fitness and how we are experiencing a lack of fitness each year and the detrimental results.

Following up on the same note Starting Strength discussed Force Production – The defining aspect of your physical existence, the simplicity of what force production is, who needs adequate force production and why,  and how to apply the understanding to your training. Check it out

Train Heroic listed

The Barbell Physio shared The Truth About Kipping Pull-Ups discussing what Kipping Pull-ups are, whether Kipping Pull-Ups are safe and how to progress your Kipping Pull-Up.

Jason Blaha Fitness discussed Let’s Talk About Height, Weight & Relative Strength Standards sharing his thoughts on strength standard’s charts advantages over bodyweight multipliers. Check it out

The Bar Bend followed up on last week’s article Glute Ham Raises – Muscles Worked, Exercise Demo, and Benefits with

Stack explained How to Use Resistance Bands to Supercharge Your Workouts the use of Accommodating Resistance Training and its benefits.

Muscle Evo discussed Is 5×5 a Good Way to Put on Muscle? what 5 x 5 is and discussing the benefits of 5 x 5 on strength development and gaining size.

Elite FTS listed 7 Special Exercises To Build Your Main Lifts outlining effective exercises to improve the Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift.

Juggernaut Training Systems listed the Top 5 Strength Stories of 2017 interesting talk, check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Elite FTS discussed Programming for Athletes — The Youth Athlete: Grades 1-3, Ages 6-9 outlining the importance of Fundamental Movement Skills and how to apply those to the youth training program.

Nutrition Articles

The Poliquin Group listed 6 Post-workout Nutrition Strategies To Lower Your Cortisol & Improve Recovery simple strategies to implement into your daily routines.

Breaking Muscle outlined

Picture Fit asked Can You Have Too Much Protein? discussing the recommended protein intake and looking at the research of the negative impact of protein on your health and how much is too much?

Power Training Articles

Stack explained how to Jump Higher and Run Faster With These 5 Trap Bar Exercises using different trap bar variations to improve power development.

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Catalystathletics shared their thought on how to deal with chronic tendonitis and weak elbows due to dislocations and fractures in the article Ask Greg: Improving Elbow Stability & Eliminating Pain

The Bar Bend explained

Deadlift Articles

T-Nation shared a Tip: A Very Different Way to Deadlift using a combination of Deadlifts, rotation and press. What I like about the movement, that it combines multiple fundamental movements and works in different planes of motion. The drawback, due to increased coordinative demands, you need to sacrifice loading. Check it out

Stack explained how to Build the Perfect Deadlift: 7 Expert Coaches Share Their Favorite Cue interesting cues to check out, however, not all cues are created equal, some are better than others.


Highlights of the Week

We saw some more impressive PB’s from some of our young guns, check out BMX rider Koen van der Wijst Snatching 100 kg

and BMX rider Justin Kimman Front Squatting 170 kg