Article recommendations week #50 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #50 2018

Strength Training Articles

Fitness & Power listed the Top 5 Training Tips for Building Muscle, discussing reps, sets, intensity and rest periods. asked HIIT VS Steady State: Which Cardio is Best? a discussion on the pro’s and con’s of high-intensity training and steady state, as well as important considerations for your training planning. Check it out

Men’s Health discussed

Simplifaster shared The Pragmatist’s Approach to Strength and Conditioning a really interesting and a bit of philosophical piece, good read.

Jeff Nippard explained How To Build a Thick Back With Perfect Rowing Technique with the Pendlay Row, outlining muscular activation, weight benchmarks, technical consideration and execution, and common errors and technical flaws, and how to fix those. Check it out

Elite FTS shared

  • a simplistic approach to planning your training, using common sense and sound planning principles in the article The Simplicity Project
  • Dave Tate and Joe Sullivan Discuss Deloading, what a deload is, the importance of the deload, how people trick themselves in a deload and end up sabotaging themselves. Check it out

Swim Swam listed The 5 Benefits Of Swim-Specific Strength Based Training a really good outline of the purpose and benefit of strength training for swimmers.

Bret Contreras outlined All About the Leg Press, a basic outline of how to use the leg press, different foot positions to alter muscular activation, bi-lateral vs uni-lateral leg pressing, and set & rep variations. Check it out

Breaking Muscle explained how to balance training stress and recovering from stress in order to elicit adaptations in the article Recovery Is About Creating Balance.

Shrugged Collective outlined How Much Sleep Do You Need, next to the importance of sleep, they share habits and strutures to get enough sleep, and the benefits of structurally planned short-term sleep deprivation. Check it out

Psychology Todays asked What Is the CrossFit Secret? An interesting article outlining some research to explain the Crossfit phenomenon.

Eric Cressey shared Performance Programming Principles: Installment 3 discussing power development, ground to standing transitions and direct forearm work.

Juggernaut Training gave an insight into training planning and the thought process behind the planning in the video Systems Chad’s A.I. Coaching Log | Week 3. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Healthline asked Is the Creatine Loading Phase Necessary? An in-depth outline of the research of creatine, the benefits of creatine, safety and side effects and how to effectively use it.

Shrugged Collective discussed Caffeine, Adderall, and Stimulants for Increased Performance, how to structure the supplementation for maximized performance, and common pitfalls when using stimulants. Check it out

Plyometric Training Articles

Simplifaster explained How to Use Box Jumps to Develop Leg Power, an in-depth guide on box jumps, benefits, disadvantages and how to effectively use it.

Coach Mag outlined how to Use Plyometric Exercises To Make Explosive Gains, what plyometrics are, different plyometric exercises and programming considerations.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Coach Mag explained How To Master The Power Clean an overview of the different phases of the Power Clean technique.

Zack Telander released The Jerk: Optimizing the Stretch Shortening Cycle, what the Stretch-shortening Cycle (SSC) is, the history of the SSC, the mechanical model behind the SSC and how to optimize the SSC for the Jerk. Check it out

Also, check out the Stretch-shortening Cycle infographic from my contributor Matt Solomon.

Deadlift Articles 

Men’s Health outlined The Best Deadlift for Your Body Type the right deadlift variation depending on your body type.

T-Nation shared

  • Tip: Stop Over-Cueing the Deadlift, I definitely agree with the point, that too much cueing or over-cueing can do more harm, than it does good. Check out 2 useful cues to teach the hinge and proper upper body position