Article recommendations week #50 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #50 2017

Strength Training Articles

Breaking Muscle shared The Ultimate Guide To Muscle Gain And Hypertrophy from the underlying physiology over training principles to factors influencing hypertrophy, gender and age differences and training recommendations.

Picture Fit discussed Mental Stress VS Gains how mental stress affects your gains and how you can deal and should deal with it, must check out if you want to improve

Give Me Sport explained The Power of Preparation demonstrating a few strength training routines from top athletes of sports like Rugby, Football, Formula 1 and Boxing.

T-Nation shared a Tip: Are You Dedicated or Disturbed? the balancing act between doing what is enough vs doing what is too much.

Starting Strength discussed the importance of a mental preparation, what it is, when it starts and how to train it, check it out

The Bar Bend shared

Elite FTS discussed

  • how to appropriately Integrating Weight Training with Rugby Units Skill Training which is not only applicable to the sport of Rugby, as always from Ashley Jones an in-depth and very practically applied article.
  • Joe DeFranco’s Story on How He Got Triple H as a Client how to stay in it for the long game has helped Joe De Franco, check it out

Simplifaster outlined a data-driven approach to Return to Play For Concussions: How to Use Data to Determine Player Readiness

The Strength Sensei explained How to Fix Rounded Shoulders outlining different corrective strategies.

8 Weeks Out discussed a Recovery-Driven Life: The Intersection of Health & Fitness an interesting outline how to manage and monitor your recovery to improve your adaptations to training.

Complementary Training asked Strength Training – Where to start? Mladen recommends his pick on basic strength training literature.

Juggernaut Training Systems listed very applied and useful Recovery Adaptive Strategies for athletes and how to combine the use of technology with practical apply knowledge to enhance the recovery process

Nutrition Articles

Fitness & Power explained How to Design Your Nutrition Plan for Monstrous Muscle Mass outlining different experiments you can apply to foster your muscle growth.

Shredded By Science discussed Intermittent Macro Tracking, the Pros and Cons Of Intermittent Macro Tracking an alternative method to get a fairly good overview of your nutrient intake without tracking every day. Check it out

Power Training Articles

Stack listed 3 Simple Moves to Develop Explosive Power simple and good read.

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

Simplifaster explained How to Train Intensive Squatting for All Sports using different squat variations, cluster sets and velocity based training to optimize your squatting. Check out the example of a Cluster Set how we are using it, in this example as a part of a maximum strength training

T-Nation shared a Tip: The Touch-and-Go Box Squat outlining the benefits of the touch and go Box Squat. Check out the example of BMX rider and Olympian 2016 Niek Kimman performing a Box Squat

Olympic Lifting Articles 

How to warm-up for a world record? All Things Gym shared Lasha Talakhadze 0-220kg Snatch World Record Warm Up 2017 World Championships footage from the warm-up hall leading up to his crazy 220 kg Snatch, check it out and count the warm-up sets (you should get to 16)

T-Nation took a critical look at the Olympic Lifts in the article The Olympic Lifts Are Overrated the argumentation is correct, but the question, in my opinion, is not, whether you should do Olympic Lifts or not, the question to ask yourself should be, if you want to invest the time in learning the Olympic Lifts, because once you dominate them, the returns you get are worth the effort.

Breaking Muscle discussed the pre-requisites for Olympic Lifting and if Olympic Lifting is right for recreational athletes in the article Olympic Weightlifting And The Recreational Athlete

Deadlift Articles

The Bar Bend discussed

Elite FTS listed 9 Strategies to Deadlift 900 Pounds through the inclusion of different additional exercises, plyometric training, a support system and affirmations. Check out the video on this topic

Highlights of the Week

We saw some huge new PB’s from some of our young guns, check out BMX rider Koen van der Wijst Cleaning 157.5 kg

and Justin Kimman Cleaning 155 kg