Article recommendations week #50 2016

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #50 2016

Strength Training Articles

Power Athlete HQ shared a great piece on

Broscience explained 7 Steps to Amped Up Muscle Growth & Overpowering Strength solid advice to build strength and size.

Science For Sport shared an infographic 20 Tips To Develop An Effective Coach-Athlete Relationship

Men’s Health shared a valuable interview with Tim Ferris, not only about training – Tim Ferriss Reveals His Hacks For Staying In Shape, Fighting Stress, and Living a Happier Life – check it out

Check out Tim Ferris latest book Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers a cool read and a great ressource on hacks to improve performance provided by high-achievers.

The Barbell Physio explained Loading Movement Patterns For Motor Control And Strength – Eccentric Isometrics how to use eccentric isometrics to improve movement patterns.

8 Weeks Out explained How to Write a World-Class Conditioning Program in 15 Minutes or Less a great step-by-step approach ow to write a training program.

Elite FTS shared a great and nuanced approach to strength programming The Six-Day Triphasic Microcycle

Tony Gentilcore discussed The Lost Art Of Simple and why it matters to keep things simple, rather than complicating.

Mladen Jovanovic from Complementary Training published an article including a video on Rep Guidelines  Mladen is doing some excellent and very sophisticated work, check out the video


Youth Strength Training Articles

More hockey shared a video of young hockey players training, great footage, chek it out.


Plyometric Training Articles

The Athletic Built discussed Do You Really Need To Do Box Jumps? pointing out some of the disadvantages of the box jumps if done incorrectly. While the points in the article are true, the interpretation, in my opinion, shouldn’t don’t do box jumps, much rather do box jumps correctly.

In the Article recommendations week #38 2016 I used the great example from Lachlan Wilmot on the biggest misconception in performing Box Jumps, which basically is a higher box equals a higher jump.



Speed Training Articles

Stack outlined The Optimal Warm-Up for Sprinting and Speed Drills some good progressions, which are not only useful for speed training.

Elite FTS  discussed Should I Lift or Should I Sprint — The Case for Speed great article looking at different phases of the sprint and how to train the different phases.

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles

Elite FTS explained why it is important to Build Your Arch: Why Flat Feet Kill Your Squat how flat feet can lead to malalignment and how to fix it.

The Prehab Guys asked How Deep Should You Squat? a good approach to assessing appropriate squat depth.

Fitness & Power provided a good and straightforward overview of the benefits of squatting overview in their article The Top 6 Benefits of Doing Squats 

Omar Isuf shared a video of Bret Contreras looking at muscular activation in the squat, have a look


Deadlift Articles

Bodybuilding explained how to Unlock The Secret To A Perfect Deadlift a great article bridging how the fundamental movement of a hip hinge forms the basis for the Deadlift.

Men’s Health explained 4 Ways to Add 50 Pounds To Your Deadlift some really good advice from Tony Gentilcore, check it out


Power Clean, Power Snatch, and Olympic Lifting Articles

Stack showed 3 Drills to Fix Your Hang Power Clean 3 really good drills to train the different phases of the Power Clean.

Breaking Muscle shared a really great guide encapsulating the basics to learn the Olympic Lifts, the Snatch and the Clean The Quick Start Guide For Beginning Weightlifting.


Highlights of the week

This week highlight has to be my daughter winning her swimming award, it didn’t come easy, she took longer than actually all other kids that started with her, but she stuck to it and got the reward. Well deserved!