Article recommendations week #5 2019

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #5 2019

Strength Training Articles

Men’s Health outlined How to Cheat Your Way to More Muscle, how to use cheat reps effectively, which exercises are good for cheat reps, and which ones aren’t. asked Should You Use a Lifting Belt? Reasons for using a belt, and when not to use a belt. Check it out

Breaking Muscle discussed How Much: Time, Quality, And Quantity discussing how much time and energy do you need to invest to see results from your training.

Shredded Sports Science asked What Is Visceral Fat and Why Does It Matter? The different form of fat, their function in the body, and how much fat do you actually need. Check it out

Fitness FAQ compared Bar VS Ring MUSCLE UP – Which is Better? The technical execution of each variation, the unique benefits, common technical flaws and who should do which variation. Check it out

Fitness & Power listed 4 set extending methods for ramping up your workout, 4 intensification techniques, that should be used carefully (to not overdo it).

Simplifaster shared

Athletes Authority listed 4 practical applications of VBT (velocity-based training), preciting the 1 RM for the day, prescribing velocity zones rather than repetitions, using velocity cut-offs and instilling competition. Check it out

Tony Gentilcore gave

The Grand Stand Central listed The Four Pain Rules to Guide Athletes’ Training, an interesting piece about pain, the difference between pain vs discomfort, how to assess pain, and how to track it.

Elite FTS shared

  • a periodization and planning framework Performance Drive Response, based on the Westside Barbell methodology and adding their own tweaks and principles to it.
  • Lat Isolation Exercise: Quadruped Row, an interesting row variation to isolate the lats. Check it out
  • How Much of Your Workout Should Be Accessory Work? discussing the considerations for accessory work including training cycle and training goal. Check it out

The Athletic Build outlined the importance of strength, speed and power for football, including example programs in the article The Ultimate Guide for Training Football Athletes: Training for Speed, Power, AND Strength.

The Bar Bend released

  • another exercise guide, this time all about planks, benefits, muscular activation, technique, different variations and much more in the Plank Exercise Guide – Bodyweight and Weighted Plank.
  • How to Choose a Barbell, another in-depth article on barbells, including construction, material, knurling, whip, warranty and much more.

Stack listed 3 Key Ingredients Missing From Your Strength Program, the importance of single leg strength, good shoulder function, and glute strength.

Nutrition Articles

The Bar Bend shared Pre and Post Workout Nutrition: Your Ultimate Guide, discussion macronutrients and macronutrient distribution, calories, supplements, hydration and the so-called ‘window of opportunity’.

Picture Fit discussed

  • The 4 Best Fat Loss Tips! Consistent with your food choices, consistent with your workout, keep it simple and have patience. Check it out
  • Fast Food Just as Good as Sports Drinks? An interesting study comparing the results on performance between the consumption of fast food and the consumption of sports drinks. Check it out

Fitness & Power listed 7 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Coffee, from losing weight to energy boost, and better cognitive functions.

Shredded Sports Science asked Creatine: What Is It and Does It Work? An outline of the chemical structure of creatine, ATP, and ADP, how creatine works in the energy cycle and how to best use creatine. Check it out

BroScience outlined the Best Pre-Workout Supplements for Women, the best supplements and what they are likely to improve.

Lean Minded asked Is Keto really the best diet? Dissecting the Logical and Physiological fallacies of Keto-mania, next to the in-depth outline, the explanatory pie charts at the end of the article make it worth sharing.

Renaissance Periodization shared The RP Diet 2.0 | Chapter 6b | Supplements and Hydration, outlining the relative importance of hydration, the effects of hydration on performance, and interestingly, how they rate the importance of hydration in the grand scheme of nutrition. Check it out

Speed Training Articles

Simplifaster discussed Modern Sprint Science and Biomechanics with Lance Brooks, a truly interesting piece on the biomechanics of sprinting, force production, braking forces, running techniques, and optimal drill design.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Aleksey Torokhtiy discussed

  • Jerk Grip Width, analyzing the differences between a wide grip, and a smaller grip, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of each grip with variation.
  • how and why to use the Wall Squat for Split & Power Jerk, check it out

Catalystathletics outlined

  • a common problem of the Snatch and how to solve it in the article Ask Greg: Snatch Swinging Forward
  • How To Fix Your Snatch Turnover – Understanding & Exercises, the technical execution of the Snatch turnover or third pull, and exercises to train this movement. Check out the additional explainer video

Juggernaut Training Systems released

  • Hips Rising Too Fast | Weightlifting Problems, the reasons for this common technical flaw, the consequences during the rest of the lift and how to correct it. Check it out
  • Lacking Acceleration | Weightlifting Problems, why some athletes miss the acceleration during the second pull, and corrective exercises to increase acceleration. Check it out

Squat Articles 

Fitness Volt compared Squat Vs Deadlift Comparison: Which One is King? the benefits of each movement, the muscular activation, the technical execution, and alternatives.

Stronger by Science outlined research comparing Safety Bar Squats and regular Back Squats in the article There’s Finally Research on Safety Bar Squats.

Deadlift Articles 

The Bar Bend explained how to Perfect Your Conventional Deadlift Setup In 5 Steps, discussing stance, grip, back positioning, pulling the slack out of the bar, and how to put it all together. Also, check the additional explainer video