Article recommendations week #5 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #5 2018

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation listed The 9 Metrics of Muscle Gain what metrics you really need to look at when you want to gain muscle mass.

Simplifaster asked Should Advanced Athletes Use the Barbell Hip Thrust? looking at the science on the effectiveness of the Barbell Hip Thrust, the research on muscular activation and viable alternatives to the Barbell Hip Thrust.

Stronger By Science released a roundtable discussion all about training frequency, and what the research says in the article The Frequency Roundtable, check out the audio below

Breaking Muscle

Train Heroic shared Primary Pattern Programming: A Simple System For Better Results how to design an effective strength training program by focussing on 4 fundamental movements, squat, hinge, push and pull. Also, check out the article about Fundamental Movements

Starting Strength explained Muscles, the Nervous System, and Mechanical advantage outlining the basics of how a muscle contract and get activated.

Men’s Fitness listed The 13 best lunge variations outlining different Lunge variations, that can be used for different purposes. Also, check out our Lunging tutorial and the article about Lunges

Elite FTS shared

The Bar Bend

Juggernaut Training Systems outlined Leg Drive & Bar Path in the Bench Press in the final part of the Bench Pillar #5  another great Bench tutorial explaining the relation between arch and ability to use a leg drive, as well as the arch and the resulting bar path. It’s not a one size fits all. Check it out

If you have missed one of the previous parts, check them out here.

Part 1: Bench Pillar #1 | Foot Placement & Pressure

Part 2: Bench Pillar #2 | Upper Back Positioning

Part 3: Bench Pillar #3 | Gripping the Bar

Part 4: Bench Pillar #4 | Breathing & Bar Placement

Nutrition Articles

Muscle & Fitness listed

Picture Fit discussed

  • What Eating BEHAVIOR Helps You Lose the Most Weight? the 3 behavior that help you to lose weight in the long run, and which behavior is the most important behavior, how to train this behavior and the best food choices to control these behaviors. Check it out
  • Better GAINS with BAKING SODA? | QuickFIT #1, how baking soda can help, which activities baking soda can help, and which ones not. Check it out

T-Nation shared

  • Tip: Diet Is Not More Important Than Training busting the common misbelief, that nutrition is more important than training. The article quotes Dorian Yates, but I also remember a very common-sense analogy he used in one of his books, which goes something like this ‘imagine 2 bodybuilders, one puts 30% emphasis on training and 70% emphasis on nutrition, and the other one puts 70% emphasis on training and 30% emphasis on nutrition. Who will make more gains?’
  • The Right Diet for Your Personality Type a really interesting approach to personality types and how the personality can influence decision-making, as well as dietary recommendations for the different personality types.

Shredded by Science explained Why You Aren’t Building Muscle, a Video For ‘Hard Gainers’, discussing if hard gainers really exist and what usually is the real reason, why people build muscles. Check it out

Plyometric Training Articles

Breaking Muscle explained why Olympic Weightlifting is a form of Plyometric Training in the article Olympic Weightlifting As Plyometric Training.

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Catalystathletics discussed

The Barbell Physio demonstrated Push Press Technique – Insights Into Athletic Ability a quick run-down on the technical key points of the Push Press, check out the video

Squat Articles 

Elite FTS discussed different variations of the Split Squat and how the shin angle changes muscular activation and ability to exert force in the article The Split Squat, Its Variations, and Why Shin Angle Trumps All

T-Nation shared a Tip: Are Overhead Squats Right For You? when you should consider doing Overhead Squats, and when the Overhead Squat is not the right exercise choice for you. It’s all about the goal you want to achieve.

Juggernaut Training Systems described their Hypertrophy Guide for Quads, discussing training volume, training intensity, training frequency, exercise selection, important considerations, such as ROM (range of motion) and the use of special techniques and intensification techniques. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

T-Nation shared a Tip: Rib and Chest Position for the Deadlift outlining a cue to help you with your Deadlift set-up. Check out the video