Article recommendations week #48 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #48 2017

Strength Training Articles

Fitness and Power explained

  • How to Get Ripped For Summer simple and straightforward advice, what I really like about it is, that they publish it now in December, so everyone, who is serious of getting ripped should start with the planning process now.
  • 10 Rules to Eating for Mass same here, simple and effective, you just need to follow these rules. listed 5 Quick Tips For Packing On Size the first 4 tips are definitely good, not so sure what number 5 means…

Alan Thrall explained the RPE (rate of perceived exertion) and how to use the RPE for RPE-based strength training, check it out

Part 1:

Part 2:

Men’s Fitness discussed What’s the difference between size and strength training? what are differences and commonalities between the two?

T-Nation shared revealed What Are Christiano Ronaldo’s Diet, Workout And Fitness Secrets an interesting read, however, depth of content could be a bit better.

Fitness Health Zone discussed Should I Do Single Set or Multiple Set Exercise? Single Set Training was a big topic, when I was a young student (somewhere end of the 90’s) and back in the late 70’s and early 80’s populated by Nautilus, to the best of my knowledge it couldn’t live up to all the promises, because it takes out one of the most important variables we have in training (volume), however, it has certain applications. This article discusses a few of them.

The Athletic Build explained how to Increase Flexibility and Mobility With This 5 Minute Flow a nice flow routine, check it out

Complementary Training followed up on the previous post Physical Preparation for Team Sports: Establishing 1RMs with Physical Preparation for Team Sports: Establishing 1RMs (ADDENDUM) discussing the external load vs the total system load.

Simplifaster published

Elite FTS shared

  • Making Time To Train Around Work how to balance training, when work commitments are high, an interesting approach to having a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C, check it out

Catalystathletics discussed Training Exercise vs. Novelty discussing the search for the holy grail from beginner athletes and coaches.

The Bar Bend outlined a guide to Banded Pull-Ups: Exercise Demo, Muscles Worked, and Benefits when to use it, why to use it and how to use it and Banded Pull-Ups vs. Ring Rows what the difference is and which variation to use when.

Barbell Shrugged discussed the Science of Growth, Hypertrophy and Building Muscle w/ Brad Schoenfeld discussing all angles of muscular hypertrophy, check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Lakewood Sentinel explained why Strength training creates a solid base for young athletes a good wrap up of the benefits of strength training for young athletes.

Nutrition Articles

The Poliquin Group published The Massive List of Reasons To Eliminate Sugar which is quite scary and worth reading.

T-Nation listed The 5 Laws of Metabolism a really good wrap up of the basic principles how the metabolism operates.

Popculture outlined 7 Habits of People Who Have Lost Weight and Kept It Off I like the simplicity of it! presented Jim Stoppani’s 5 Pillars Of Supplementation important considerations for your supplementation strategy, check out the video

Picture Fit explained The Reason You’re Not Losing Weight discussing the possible reason why your bodyweight stagnates and why the bodyweight number shouldn’t be the only metric to look at, check it out

Shredded by Science explained

  • Bodybuilding and Powerlifting Joint Pain | What Is The Best Joint Supplement which supplements can help to support with joint health, keep in mind, supplements are just the topping on the cake and won’t make up for mistakes in planning your training appropriately, check it out
  • Do Fat Burners Work? The Best Fat Burner, why most fat burners don’t work and that the most ‘effective’ fat burners have severe side effects, check it out

Plyometric Training Articles

The Bar Bend followed up on last weeks guide on Tuck Jumps – Muscles Worked, Video Demo, and Exercise Benefits and offered Tuck Jump Alternatives and outlined viable alternatives, so you can still reap the plyometric benefits.

Stack listed The 5 Keys to Jumping Higher very simple and really good advice! Also, check out How to Increase Your Vertical Jump for more in-depth information.

Speed & Agility Training Articles

Elite Track explained Thoughts on Training Agility for Soccer a good straightforward, analytical and common-sense approach to agility training and agility development, worth reading!

Stack advised Improve These 3 Physical Skills to Sprint Faster which are these 3 skills and how to improve them.

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

Breaking Muscle explained if there would only be one squat cue, which one would it be in the article My Most Effective Squat Cue

Olympic Lifting Articles 

The Bar Bend outlined 3 Phases of Building Successful Weightlifting Athletes what the 3 phases are, how to structure them and why you should consider them.

Breaking Muscle explained the benefits of Olympic Weightlifting: Lifting Fast And Lifting Big why it trains velocity and force at the same time.

Catalystathletics discussed Ask Greg: Can’t Get a Back Arch in the Starting Position how to get into the right start position and how to adjust your posture to get into the right start position.

Highlights of the Week

A few of my athletes Harrie Lavreysen, Jeffrey Hoogland, Shanne Braspennincx and Hetty van der Wouw had a successful weekend at the Track Cycling World Cup in Milton, Canada.

Harrie won the Keirin event and Jeffrey won the individual sprint, check out the picture of the ‘golden boys’ below