Article recommendations week #48 2016

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #48 2016

Strength Training Articles

Elite FTS shared S&C Meeting of the Minds — History, Athlete Development, and In-Season/Off-Season Goals university S & C Coaches their experiences and learning of their S & C career.

For everyone who is interested in building muscles and gaining muscles Fitness & Power gave a good overview of exercise selection, food choices and training prescriptions in the article How to Build 147% More Muscle in One Month ( New Strategy )


  • explained How to Use Sprints for Massive Muscle Growth a good overview of how sprinting can help to boost muscle growth. The only downside, in my opinion, is, that you need to have sufficient sprinting technique to reap the benefits, and the sad truth is most people don’t have.
  • shared Top 6: Best Exercises for Building Muscle interesting to see that the good old compounds movements, such as Squat, Bench Press, Pull Ups, Deadlifts, and Rows are always coming back.

Stack demonstrated how to Develop Single-Leg Strength With Bulgarian Lunges a great way to add a single leg variation to your training, we use it all the time. Have a look at some training impressions of the Bulgarian Split Squat

T-Nation shared 6 Exercises For a Strong, Healthy Butt what I really like about this article is, that there is a logical progression in the exercises demonstrated and prescribed.

The Strength Sensei explained Putting First Things First – With Food & Fitness a great approach to prioritizing what matters most in terms of nutrition and training and well backed-up.

California Strength elaborated Things to Consider When Selecting Your Next Training Program whilst that article promotes their own online training plans, there is a lot of value to the questions asked to evaluate training programs.

T-Nation offered The Ultimate Guide to Landmine Presses what I like about this article is, that it not only offers the exercise selection, but also the rationale for choosing certain exercises, the benefits and coaching tips.

Tony Gentilcore shared Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete an interesting discussion on what to consider when training the female athlete.

Muscle & Fitness explained 9 Foundational Crossfit Movements whether you like Crossfit or not, one good thing about Crossfit is, that it is based on basic compound movements, such as Squats, Deadlifts, Overhead Press, various medicine ball throws and Olympic lifts and their derivatives. I also believe this it why it works, because it focusses on the type pf movements that produce results.

Renaissance Periodization Blog offered Tips for a Productive Mass Phase again more for those who are interested in building muscle mass and gaining muscle mass, but a good overview of what is important to focus on.

Stack explained Why You Must Consider Specificity When Planning a Workout I like the approach to look at movement, muscles, energy systems and velocity and offering the application of this approach to the Bench Press.

EliteFTS shared a discussion on True Age vs Training Age, a great discussion. I like the points on mastering the fundamentals and learning the technique first. Have a look


Youth Strength Training Articles

The Strength Sensei is busting some myths and misconceptions on strength training for youth athletes in the article Making Young Football Players Strong good read and good points. If you feel like reading up more on the topic you can download the ebook on 7 Myths of Strength Training by signing up for the newsletter

Train Heroic explained Practical Programming For Young Athletes – What You Didn’t Learn In School really good food for thoughts, what to consider when programming a youth training program.

The Grey Area shared  Youth Sports: The Importance of Effective Coaching an excellent article on how to coach youth athletes based on research and lessons learned.


Power Training Articles

EliteFTS shared an excellent article on Power Training Should I Lift or Should I Sprint — The Case for Power explaining what Power is, the application of Power with regards to te Force-velocity curve and different training forms and training methods to train Power.


Back Squat and Front Squat Articles

The PTDC showed 5 squatting variations suitable to learn the squat movement in their article We Took Years of Squatting Experience to Give You These 5 Squat Variations.

Breakingmuscle shared a video on the Barbell Box Squat a good variation to the regular Back Squat, offering banefits of reducing the stretch-shortening cycle (if that is something you want to reduce) and trains starting strength to overcome inertia.

Fitness & Power explained How To Squat Without Knee And Back Pain! this article is spot on what is the most common reason for back pain as a result of flawed squatting technique.


Deadlift Articles

Dr John Rushin shared Top 5 Deadlift Variations To Train Around Lower Back Pain a great selection of deadlifts and deadlift variation that don’t put as much load on the lower back as the regular / conventional deadlift.


Power Clean, Power Snatch, and Olympic Lifting Articles

All Things Gym shared impressions from Russian weightlifter Elena Sukhar performing Weighted Isometric Back Extension Holds  as they state in the article a strong and rigid back is important for the Olympic Lifts and Squatting variations. Check out the video here


Aleksey Torokhtiy Olympic champion 2012 published shared a video of a 2 day semiar he held in Rotterdam, some interesting footage, have a look


Highlights of the week

Breakingmuscle‘s article on fixed mindset and growth mindset Maximum Effort: Fixed Versus Growth Mindsets explaining how improvements are a result of mindset and application of effort – maximum effort.

If you are not familiar with fixed mindset vs growth mindset, have a look at the short explainer video


For more application on fixed mindset vs growth mindset, have a look at this TED Talk The Power of belief — mindset and success