Article recommendations week #47 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #47 2018

Strength Training Articles

Men’s Health listed the benefits of wave loading in the article How to Trick Your Brain Into Lifting Heavier Weights including examples of wave loading schemes.

T-Nation shared the criteria for The Most Effective Exercises for Muscle Mass.

Elite FTS answered Should Beginners Train With Bands? The pros and cons of accommodating resistance for beginners, and when it makes sense to use bands, and when not. Check it out

Breaking Muscle explained

  • why Less Is Not More, the importance of training volume for improving sports performance and injury prevention.
  • how Bruce Lee combined a set of different isometric exercises into a short workout in the article Bruce Lee’s 3-Minute Workout.

Simplifaster outlined the benefits of a Cardio-Metabolic Analysis with PNOĒ, what a cardio-metabolic analysis is, how it can help and a practical example.

BBC described Andy Murray’s interesting approach through the re-conditioning process and how to integrate fundamental movement skills into the rehab process in the article Andy Murray: How the Scot is using handstands to gear up for the new season. Check out some footage

Fitness and Power shared

Eric Cressey outlined the benefits of the Low-to-High Cable Lift, I particularly like the reasoning, that trunk exercises need to be taken from a static lying, kneeling or half-kneeling position into a standing position to optimize the transfer to sports performance. Check out the exercise demonstration

Science For Sport listed 3 Proven Tips To Land Your Dream S&C Job, the strength and conditioning industry is very competitive, finding an entry can be challenging, this article can help to do that.

Jeff Nippard outlined strategies to stay consistent in your training and diet during traveling and on the road in the video 6 Ways To Always Stay On Track With Training & Diet. Check it out

Nutrition Articles shared The Complete Guide to Fat Burners, an in-depth guide on what fat burners are, how they work, safety considerations and how to find out whether a fat burner is effective for you or not.

Power Athlete HQ released an interesting and insightful chat about nutrition in the PA Radio – Episode 286: Stan Efferding. Listen in

Shrugged Collective explained The Keto Diet and The Primal Blueprint, an outline of a self-experiment and the results of this experiment. Check it out

Squat Articles

Stack explained Why the Belt Squat Overcoming Isometric is an Awesome Exercise for Athletes, what the Belt Squat Overcoming Isometric is (essentially just another name for an isometric Belt Squat), the benefits, common technical flaws and programming considerations. Check out the additional explainer video

Aleksey Torokhtiy demonstrated how to Front Squat with straps, and why straps can help to improve the Front Squat grip and ultimately the Front Squat technique. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics outlined 3 Clean Turnover Drills For Bigger Cleans, why a correct Clean turnover is important, the biomechanics behind the Clean turnover and 3 drills to practice the Clean turnover. Check out the additional explainer video

Deadlift Articles 

T-Nation shared