Article recommendations week #47 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #47 2017

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation shared

Breaking Muscle explained

Elite FTS discussed

  • Powerlifting — A Sport for Everyone? the pros and cons of Powerlifting for everyday people.
  • how to develop a growth mindset, what you need to do it, and what questions to ask in the article Instilling A Growth Mindset if you are unfamiliar with the difference of growth mindset vs fixed mindset, check out the short explainer video
  • Hard Work Versus Science In Powerlifting? the role of science in the past and now, check it out

The Barbell Physio explained how to Fix Your Hip Flexor Mobility! outlining a variety of exercises to target your hip flexors from all angles.

Robertson Training Systems shared a Step-By-Step Glute Training guide discussing the functions of the glutes and how to best train the glutes based on their function.

8 Weeks Out cleared up All Pain, No Gain: Why the High-Intensity Training Obsession Has Failed Us All an in-depth article describing the importance of balancing training and recovery for optimal training gains.

Starting Strength published A Clarification on Strength and Force Production, what force production is and why it matters, check it out

Simplifaster discussed Sports Conditioning: Field and Court Applications for Coaches how to effectively develop energy systems and speed for sports.

The Bar Bend asked What’s the Difference Between Passive and Active Stretching? outlining the differences between active and passive stretching, as well as the benefits of both stretching methods.

Science For Sport outlined Acute:Chronic Workload Ratio a really good and in-depth article explaining what the A:C workload ratio is, how to calculate it and most important the practical applications of the A:C ratio.

Dr John Rusin shared The Legendary Full Body Primary Patterns Training Program a 3-day full-body workout based on the Fundamental Movements

Elite Track gave a good overview of Fundamental Training Principles – A Review and why you need to adhere to the training principles to ensure training success.

Renaissance Periodization outlined The most common newbie mistakes in the big 3 and how to fix them simple, good and straightforward.

Bach Performance explained how to Never Have A Bad Workout Again outlining strategies to have a good workout every time.

Barbell Shrugged discussed How To Become A Professional Strength Coach an interesting talk, check it out

Nutrition Articles

Picture Fit asked HMB Supplements… Simply Not Worth It outlining the results of meta-analyses on this topic, check it out

Shredded by Science explained Alan Aragon’s Balanced Diet | Best Food Intake For A Balanced Diet | Long Term Fat Loss, what the Aragon’s Balanced diet is and the prescribed macro-nutrient distribution, check it out

Plyometric Training Articles

The Bar Bend followed up on last weeks article Jumping Lunges — Muscles Worked, Exercise Demo, and Benefits and discussed

Elite Track explained Reactive Strength as a Performance Measure a really good outline of what the RSI (reactive strength index) is and how to use it in practice.

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

The Athletic Build listed 5 Ways To Build A Strong Squat Without Pain the importance of an appropriate warm-up, exercise selection and variation and training the posterior chain.

Deadlift Articles

Tony Gentilcore listed 10 Steps To Dominate Your Deadlift Technique follow these steps for a great Deadlift.