Article recommendations week #46 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #46 2017

Strength Training Articles

Picture Fit discussed Can You Turn Fat Into Muscle? an evergreen-discussion, with the short answer ‘No’, however, this video also discusses ‘Can you build muscle and simultaneously burn fat?’ and the necessary circumstances when you can burn fat and build muscles at the same time, and when not. Check it out

T-Nation shared

Breaking Muscle explained

Stack explained Why Athletes Shouldn’t Always be Concerned With Lifting Heavy Weights outlining the importance of technical mastery, before working at higher intensities, applied to lifting weights, as well as jumping variations.

Elite FTS discussed

  • the 4 Things I Learned Training at Westside Barbell how teamwork, intensity, coaching, and education form the basis of the Westside Barbell success
  • Using Back-Down Sets With The Conjugate/Westside Method a good discussion when to use back down sets, for maximum efforts, as well as dynamic efforts, when you should use them and when not, check it out

Complementary Training shared Strength Training Categorization – Part 2: Categorization of Exercises depending on the training period. Worth reading! If you have missed part 1, check it out as well. shared

  • 6 Gym Moves Guaranteed To Make You More Athletic I don’t think all options provided are created equal, but the article entails good exercise choices.
  • Julian Smith’s 4 Unique Exercise Variations varying positions from standing to kneeling to seated, as well as using different hand and foot placements from wide to close, whilst there is merit for these variations, in my opinion, you need to be careful not to fall in the ‘variation for variation’s sake trap’. Check it out

Simplifaster discussed Too Many Notes how to focus on the ‘essentials’ that matter and consider the necessary responsibilities surrounding training of an athlete in the decision-making process of programming and exercise selection.

Barbell Shrugged released an episode 1RM Back Squats 8 Times Per Day Everyday an interview with Max Aita, discussing the Bulgarian Weightlifting method, the control Coach Abadjiev  wanted to have to ensure his athletes are progressing, the secret of the Bulgarian System, differences between Max Aita’s approach to Olympic Weightlifting vs Powerlifting, some practical training practice tips  Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Train Heroic asked Is Early Sports Specialization As Bad As You Think? a nuanced discussion of early vs late specialization, what the science says, as well as providing alternatives for early specialization.

Nutrition Articles

Shredded by Science discussed Amino Acids and the differences between Essential and Non Essential Amino Acids and their role of these amino acids in protein digestion, I like their memory hook of ‘Any Help In Learning These Little Molecules Proves Truly Valuable’ to remember the 9 essential amino acids, check it out

Plyometric Training Articles

The Bar Bend discussed Jumping Lunges — Muscles Worked, Exercise Demo, and Benefits the use of Jumping Lunges or Scissor Jumps, muscular activation and exercise variations.

Stack listed 4 Vertical Jump Training Mistakes the importance of landing technique, intend for the jump, too much volume and an insufficient strength base.

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

Juggernaut Training Systems gave an insight into their Squat Training, interesting to see their thought process and application to training based on the athlete and the meets they are working towards and the strategic use of knee wraps, check it out

Jason Blaha Fitness discussed How Deep Should You Squat? how to assess the individual differences to determine individual squat depth, why squatting deeper with fewer loads is more beneficial than squatting higher with higher weights and why ATG squats isn’t the holy grail of squatting. Check it out, you can disregard the video and focus on the audio discussion

Olympic Lifting Articles

The Bar Bend released Hang Snatch Ultimate Guide covering the Hang Snatch technique, the Hang Snatch benefits for different training populations and why you should consider doing Hang Snatches.

Deadlift Articles

Stack published a Deadlift 101: How to Perform the Ultimate Exercise With Flawless Technique an in-depth guide discussing benefits of the Deadlift, a detailed outline of the Deadlift technique, how to chose the right Deadlift variation for you and additional exercises to support your Deadlift.

T-Nation shared a Tip: Fix This Common Deadlifting Mistake outlining the importance of a good descent of the bar. Check out the bad vs the good descent

Lowlight of the Week

Normally this section covers the highlights of the week, however, there is a lowlight in this week.

Naim Suleymanoglu, to some better known as ‘Pocket Hercules, passed away. Naim is the only man to Snatch 2.5 his own bodyweight and one out of seven lifters ever to Clean & Jerk 3 times their bodyweight. Not to mention a three-time Olympic Champ in Olympic Weightlifting.

Unforgotten, the epic battle at the 1996 Olympic Games between Naim Suleymanoglu and Valerios Leonidis, a must watch, not only for Olympic Weightlifting fans, the dramaturgy of this battle can’t be beaten. Check it out