Article recommendations week #46 2016

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #46 2016

Strength Training Articles

Breakingmuscle explained

  • Elite Athletes May Have Brains That Match Their Bodies explaining the connection between cognitive performance and physical performance as a bi-lateral relation, that is probably the reason why also the great thinkers of our time and the past have always engaged in physical activity.
  • Functional: Ban The “F-Word”  discussing the term Functional Training and concluding ‘Training Is Only Truly “Functional” If It Helps The Person Function Better, Is Individualized And Is Goal-Focused’ as well as Functional training being ‘The buzzword is used to describe pretty much everything in the industry.’  I leave this uncommented and just say thank you Matt Beecroft and Breaking Muscle.
  • Sprinting Biomechanics And The Myth Of Triple Extension  putting forward a few good arguments, why the triple extension doesn’t occur in sprinting. I think it requires a more nuanced discussion since the mentioned article discusses the triple extension in the maximum speed phase, however, I argue that the triple extension definitely occurs in the start and acceleration phase.


Jen Sinkler explained How to Approach Warm-Up Sets great advice why and how to add purpose to a warm-up, rather than going through the motions.

Catalystathletics shared good food for thought Why Percentages Don’t Feel the Same for Everyone potential difficulties with 1RM testing and the following consequences.

Robertson Training Systems offered 6 Tips For Writing Better Conditioning Programs very good and solid advice and a great interview with Joel Jamieson from 8 Weeks Out  in Physical Preparation With Joel Jamieson #2 listen in

Bach Performance disclosed 15 Expert Tips: How To Improve Athleticism good advice from session design over exercise selection to nutrition, everything is covered.

EliteFTS shared how to identify the Impostor Syndrome — Identifying the Less Admirable discussing the impostor syndrome in the world of sport and coaching.

The Barbell Physio demanded Stop Static Stretching To Improve Hip Mobility offering good rationale why challenging the hip with stability exercises might result in greater performance gains than static stretching.

The Strength Sensei discussed Willpower – The 3-Part Formula For Success! an interesting article on how to from loops to help us with maintaining willpower. There is an interesting book out there on this topic called Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products how habits can be formed and willpower can be sustained

Have a look at this entertaining summary

Stack explained How to Determine the Best Exercises for Your Workout Program a great and simple approach using the idea of dynamic correspondence from Yuri Verkhoshansky, if you want to read up on Dynamic Correspondence read this great summary from Science For Sport – Dynamic Correspondence

Muscle & Fitness shared an interesting strength training program approach in the article The Major Muscle Bodyweight Routine I do like the approach of using 5 core exercises that kind of cover the whole body, I would look at a different exercise selection.

Men’s Fitness explained in an Infographic: How An Athlete Recovers During Each Hour Of Sleep have a look at the infographic below


Juggernaut Training Systems shred their Week in Review, looking at a few cool training footages. Check it out


Back Squat and Front Squat Articles

Train Heroic offered 4 Fixes For The Train Wreck Squat by looking at common problems in the squat and offering the solution to those problems.

EliteFTS discussing the carryover of a Box Squat to a Back Squat Watch: Box Squat Carryover and How to Work with A Nutrition Coach looking at points of attention to maximizing carryover from the Box Squat to the Back Squat and the most common Box Squat mistakes. Check it out

Juggernaut Training Systems discussed the Butt Wink in Mobility Myths with Dr. Quinn – Butt Wink  a great nuanced discussion and offering solutions to the Butt Wink have a look


Deadlift Articles

Ask Men explained How To Do The Sumo Deadlift Technique a good overview of the Sumo Deadlift technique.

Barbell Rehab published The Master Cue for a Pain-Free Deadlift how cueing to engage the lats and to depress the scapulas can help deadlifting heavier, and pain-free.


Power Clean, Power Snatch, and Olympic Lifting Articles

Aleksey Torokhtiy Olympic champion 2012 published a video on the Snatch, the Muscle Snatch, and the Power Jerk. Nice visuals from different angles have a look

The Snatch

The Muscle Snatch

The Power Jerk – some people term it Squat Jerk

All Things Gym posted a video of Dmitry Berestov Olympic Champion at the Olympic Games 2004  Athen doing 200kg Thruster 2016 Klokov Power Weekend, have a look – it’s pretty impressive


Highlights of the week

This week’s highlight has actually nothing to do with training. It’s the HBR Idea Cast on the topic of the presidential election and offering rationale for the final result.

Two points on what I find really fascinating:

  • focussing on 1 thing and doing really well, readers by now, also know that this is one part of my coaching philosophy. In the context of the presidential election focussing on a segment of the society, that has not been heard or felt like not being heard.
  • that brings me to the second point, listening to people and giving them the feeling of being heard seemed to have a major influence on the outcome

Listen to it, it’s quite interesting.