Article recommendations week #45 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #45 2018

Strength Training Articles

Broscience discussed Back-Off Sets: A Better Way to Build Muscle? outlining what back-off sets are, how to incorporate them into the training program and the science behind back-off sets.

Jeff Nippard listed 8 Common Fitness Myths Busted, the last part of fitness busted series, busting the importance of breakfast, spot reduction, water consumption per day, detoxing, the mind-muscle connection and much more. Check it out listed the health benefits of lifting weights in the article Lifting Weights Just Once a Week Can Cut Your Heart Disease Risk in Half.

Power Athlete HQ shared an interesting, philosophical piece on how we are the same, and different at the same time in the article Coaching Conversations: The Multi-Cultural Coach

Starting Strength discussed Using Chalk – How and Why? a simple straightforward outline how to use chalk. Check the do’s and dont’s

Breaking Muscle outlined the relationship between persistence and ability to persist and happiness in the article Are You Self Mastered Or A Servant Of Impulse?

YLM Sports Science looked at Napping & Endurance Performance and when napping can definitely help, and when it can potentially help.

Picture Fit asked Should You Warm Up Before Exercise? looking at the current research on warm-up on performance improvements and injury prevention, and practical applications for your warm-up. Check it out

Simplifaster explained

Red Bull discussed How to use strength training to improve in Motocross, the importance of strength training for motocross, the main focus areas and appropriate exercise selection.

Shrugged Collective shared an interesting interview Creating Great Apparel for Functional Fitness Athletes, the interesting journey from an athlete to an apparel business owner. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack listed 4 Training Insights to Create Better Youth Hockey Players simple, but good advice, not only for hockey players.

Nutrition Articles

Simplifaster asked Intermittent Fasting for Athletes: What Does the Research Say? an interesting article looking at the research of intermittent fasting and athletic performance. Including, very common sense conclusions and key takeaways on the ‘unknows’ about intermittent fasting and athletic performance.

The Fitness Health Zone listed 8 Benefits of Staying High on Protein, the recommendations for protein intake tend to change every couple, of years, however, the benefits are pretty clear.

YLM Sports Science shared an infographic about Nutrition For Ultra-Endurance Sports revolving around the topic of carbohydrates, quantity, timing, experimenting and more.

Fitness & Power outlined

Breaking Muscle explained how to Create Your Ultimate Diet a detailed guide, covering all the main topics you need to know about dieting. shared

  • 3 Top Tips for Picking Whey Protein with Doug Kalman Ph.D., the big wins you can make on serving size, ingredient hierarchy, and options for vegetarian proteins. Check it out
  • Science Behind CreaClear and supposedly The Next Generation of Creatine Monohydrate, whether the facts claimed are correct or not, I don’t really know, however, an interesting glimpse behind the curtain of a food tech laboratory. Check it out

Squat Articles

Tony Gentilcore explained why you should Squat Down, Not Back, the slightly distinct squat movement patterns and which one you should choose. Check out the additional explainer video

Shrugged Collective demonstrated technical considerations for Weighted Step-Ups, discussing box height, shin, knee and hip position, loading options, different choices of equipment, and progressions and regressions. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

The Bar Bend shared Olympic Champion Yurik Vardanian Passes Away At Age 62, another sad story of a heroic lifter passing away too early. Check out the short coverage of Yurik Vardanian by Juggernaut Training Systems

Catalystathletics explained Vertical Leg Drive In The Snatch & Clean – Elevation, Direction, Balance & Proximity a complex title for a simple, yet important concept of how to drive the weight up and the efficient use of hips and legs. Check out the explainer video as well

Deadlift Articles 

T-Nation shared

Juggernaut Training Systems discussed how to Addressing Weak Points in the mid-range of the Deadlift, defining what the mid-range is, common problems in the mid-range and corrective exercises for the mid-range. Check it out