Article recommendations week #44 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #44 2018

Strength Training Articles

Stack explained Why Classic Pyramid Sets Suck for Strength Gains (and What to Do Instead) a very logical outline of the disadvantages of pyramid sets and what to do instead.

Fitness & Power shared the use of Rest-Pause Training For Maximum Strength And Fat Loss, what rest-pause training is, and how it can be modified to either burn excessive body fat, maximize strength or hypertrophy.

Elite FTS outlined

  • how to Teach Your Athletes How to Train the importance of getting the athletes buy-in, trusting the system and learning them how to train. Check out the additional explainer video
  • what to do if Beginners Not Making Progress, what progress is, and how you need to find the right objectives to progress. Check it out

Simplifaster explained

Shrugged Collective demonstrated Hanging Leg Raise Variations, different grip, and hanging variations, common flaws in the execution, and possible regressions and progressions. Check it out

T-Nation shared

Breaking Muscle outlined

  • the importance of your brain and mindset in the process of recovery, in the article Top Down Recovery.
  • The Role Of Your Grip, why the grip is important in most pulling movements, and the different ways to train your grip.

The Poliquin Group demanded Put More Weight On The Bar: Heavy Lifting Will Maximize Your Athletic Performance, a good read from structural balance over hormonal priming and better muscular activation.

Complementary Training explained how to Balancing Physical & Tactical Load in Soccer, an in-depth piece of periodization considerations, organizational structures, and drill classification. Unfortunately, the second half of the article is in the paid-member section and not accessible. Also, check out part 1.

Tony Gentilcore described his Favourite Movements For Athletes And Modification For Adult Athletes a good outline of the favorite movements and why these are the favorite movements, as well as good alternative movements if the athlete isn’t able to do the favorite movements.

The PTDC demonstrated day-to-day tasks and how training can help to improve these tasks for older people in the article Functional Training for Older Clients.

D’Marge shared Ironman Athletes Train Like This To Get The Insane Strength & Stamina a good outline of how Ironman’s structure their training plan and the total amount of training they do.

The Bar Bend explained the importance of bracing for the hip thrust in the article  The Hip Thrust Mistake Everyone Keeps Making.

Juggernaut Training Systems discussed how to Addressing Weak Points in the Bench Press in the Mid-Range, and corrective exercises to address this weak points. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

The Bar Bend asked Is Powerlifting Safe for Kids? what the research says about Powerlifting and growth, common concerns regarding Powerlifting for kids and programming considerations. The only thing that sticks in my head was the comment Chad Wesly Smith from Juggernaut made in the video below at minute 21:15, check it out

Nutrition Articles released Gut Health Explained, the gut has received a lot of attention in the last years, as an overlooked organ. This video outlines the roles of the gut and important considerations to keep your gut healthy. Check it out

Plyometric Training Articles

YLM Sports Science explained the Implications Of Change Of Direction Angle For Training Design And Exercise Selection an interesting outline of a study suggesting different plyometric exercises for the different change of direction angles.

Speed Training Articles

Simplifaster explained Why You Should Add Dashr to Your Speed Development Program, a product review of a speed testing system, however, it goes beyond the features and outlines how it can help the training process and how to implement it for best results.

Squat Articles

BroScience listed 10 Common Squatting Mistakes: Fix This Now To Perfect Your Squat, the most common technical flaws, and mistakes and how to fix them.

Olympic Lifting Articles

The Bar Bend explained Why Olympic Weightlifting Will Make You a Better Sprinter the main variables affecting sprint performance, benefits of the Olympic Lifts on sprint performance and suitable exercise choices.

Aleksey Torokhtiy outlined How to Practice Second Pull, including how to find the right contact point and combining different movements for effective learning of the second pull. Check it out

Zack Telander described how to get higher Speed Under the Bar | The Pull Under and appropriate exercises to train the speed under the bar. Check it out

Deadlift Articles 

T-Nation shared

  • Tip: The Deadlift – Push, Not Pull? how to use the cue of pushing the floor away can help. Out of personal experiences with my athletes, I have to interject, that this cue does not work for everyone. Check out the additional explainer video