Article recommendations week #44 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #44 2017

Strength Training Articles

Picture Fit discussed 5 Fitness Mistakes You Should Avoid, very simple to follow advice, I can fully align with these points, definitely check it out

T-Nation shared listed 4 Reasons You Should Be Doing Whole Body Training the benefits on muscle mass development, strength development and how the whole body strength training affects weight loss, by presenting studies to support the claims, check it out

Breaking Muscle explained

For those who are interested in the science aspect of training, monitoring and interpretation of data Science For Sport explained Smallest Worthwhile Change to the best of my knowledge popularized by Will Hopkins (Victoria University), a good outline what the SWC (Smallest Worthwhile Change), how it applies and how to use it.

Alan Thrall discussed how to use and the spectrum of specificity, how to select exercises, based on your training goal and categorizing exercises, check it out (if you are mainly interested in content, watch from minute 03:00 if you want entertainment and share Alan’s sense of humor, watch the entire video)

Starting Strength explained the correct way to do The Barbell Curl whether you need to be as dogmatic about the appropriate rep range, I am unsure, however, the idea of performing the exercise based on the muscle function of the target muscle makes a lot of sense. Check it out

Train Heroic explained that The Basics Will Never Fail You: Dan John Talks The Future of Fitness discussing health, nutrition, and performance.

Robertson Training Systems published Physical Prep Podcast #100 – The Random Episode an interesting talk about the history of the show and the learnings over the 100 episodes, listen in

The Bar Bend listed 5 Benefits of Walking Lunges and discussed the differences between Walking Lunges vs Lunges which Lunge variation offer what benefits.

Jason Blaha Fitness discussed Advanced Training: Tracking Weight On The Bar When You Change Form Or Variation Of An Exercise, a really good explanation, why it is necessary to standardize movements and strength exercises. Check it out

Elite FTS asked Should You Train Assistance Movements To Failure, discussing different exercise categories and which of those can be trained to failure and which not. Check it out

Simplifaster shared The Art of Falling: How to Build Athletic Patterns from the Ground Up the importance of getting some ground-work done.

Juggernaut Training Systems discussed My Experience With Sheiko a very interesting field report on their experiences with the so-called ‘Sheiko routine’. Interesting to hear the principles of focusing on perfect technique and technical mastery of the lifts, accumulating volume to develop strength and very little exercise variation, check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Breaking Muscle explained Why You Need Olympic Lifts In Your Workouts for young athletes, as the Olympic Lifts teach multiple fundamental movements as well as coordination.

Nutrition Articles

Breaking Muscle outlined The Benefits Of Flexible Dieting discussing why your body reacts favorably to flexible dieting.

Picture Fit discussed Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss? Why and how Creatine might to lead to hair loss. Discussing if you are prone to this negative side effect and what you can do to avoid Creatine induced hair loss, check it out

Shredded by Science explained Reverse Dieting and How To Reverse Diet Properly a field report of an athlete doing reverse diet after a competition, check it out


Plyometric Training Articles

Simplifaster explained How to Gain 5 Inches of Vertical Jump in 3 Weeks by teaching or re-teaching proper jumping mechanics and select the appropriate plyometric exercises. Also, check out my interview with Dr. Jeremy Sheppard discussing How to Increase your Vertical Jump.

American Football International listed The 10 Best Plyometric Exercises for Athletes, whether they are the best or not, I am not sure, definitely some good plyometric exercises in this listing.

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

The Barbell Physio listed 5 Simple Squat Cues You’ve Probably Never Used definitely simple and (most likely) effective cues.

All Things Gym shared Mart Seim 375kg x2 Squat, check out Maart Seim’s crazy Back Squat

Olympic Lifting Articles

T-Nation shared

Catalyst Athletics discussed the footwork during the Split Jerk in the Ask Greg: Driving Forward in the Split Jerk article and explained Don’t Choke The Bar To Death considerations for the grip, when you hold the bar over your head, at the end of a Power Snatch or Overhead Squat.

Elite FTS described Training Triple Extension — Olympic Lifting Variations and Substitutions the benefits of the Olympic Lifts for sports and useful alternatives to the Olympic Lifts.

Deadlift Articles

The Bar Bend compared Deficit Deadlifts vs Rack Pulls, what are the differences, what are the benefits of each of the two strength exercises. and outlined the Deficit Sumo Deadlift – Muscles Worked, Exercise Demo, and Benefits another great guide from the Bar Bend-ers, covering movement execution, muscular activation and programming considerations.

The Bar Bend shared Is Dmitry Nasonov’s 440kg Deadlift at 82kg a New World Record? an insane 400 kg Deadlift, check it out

Starting Strength discussed why you should do The Deadlift: 3 Reasons, a simple and straightforward explanation what the Deadlift does and why you should do the Deadlift, check it out

Highlights of the Week

Great to see my athletes making a successful start of the season, winning the team sprint in the Team Sprint event during the first Track Cycling World Cup of the season, congrats Harrie Lavreysen, Jeffery Hoogland, Nils van’t Hoenderdal and Sam Ligtlee

Congrats to Matthijs Büchli to take home the win in the Keirin event.