Article recommendations week #43 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #43 2017

Strength Training Articles

Picture Fit discussed what the scientific literature says about the highly debated topic Light Weights Vs Heavy Weights and if you are able to build muscle mass and strength with Light Weights and/or Heavy Weights, check it out

T-Nation shared

Science For Sport described Force-Vector Training what it is, how it applies to the training practice and why to use it.

Elite FTS outlined

  • the qualities and character traits a performance director are looking for in hiring a strength coach in the article So You Want to Be a Strength Coach?
  • The 3 Best Conditioning Tools for Powerlifting, check it out shared 3 Quick Tips To Increase Bench Press Strength from an experienced Bench Presser, check it out

Stack explained

The Bar Bend

Complementary Training demonstrated Managing Teams With Trello I like how Mladen demonstrates how to incorporate free and for everyone available technology into the planning process.

The Athletic Build listed 11 Ways to Use Progressive Overload for Muscle and Strength a good outline what Progressive Overload is, why you need it and how you can apply it. In my opinion, it is worth mentioning, that not all 11 ways are created equal, some are more effective than others.

Catalystathletics published The Boring Part of Weightlifting: Recovery & Restoration outlining the importance of recovery (not only for Weightlifting) and the importance of sleep, nutrition and stress management on recovery.

Simplifaster gave a detailed outline of How to Use Video Analysis to Improve Sports Performance a detailed outline of video analysis, how to use it, record and manage data, as well as reporting.

The Fitness Crest explained How To Use A Deload Week To Prevent Overtraining

[Workout Plan] discussing why to deload, different types of a delaod, how often to deload and how to align your nutritional strategies to a deload.

The Barbell Physio listed 5 Unconventional Exercises To Strengthen Your Pull-Ups giving the rationale of the exercise choice as well as the proper execution.

Breaking Muscle outlined

Juggernaut Training Systems published an interview with Mike Tuscherer in The JuggLife | Mike Tuchscherer discussing Mike Tuscherer journey as an athlete and coach, RPE based training and velocity-based training. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Breaking Muscle outlined the importance of Individualizing Macronutrient Ratios For Fat Loss explaining the role of macro-nutrients and how they interact.

T-Nation explained The 5 Different Types of Body Fat what they are and how you can influence them to your benefit. shared The Number-One Rule For Better Weight Loss the importance of sleep and why it’s often overlooked. And I thought I have simplified the strength training and weight loss topic by breaking it down to 3 variables…

Stack listed 3 Tips for Managing Youth Athlete Nutrition nutritional advice based on physical and mental maturation.

Speed Training Articles

Elite FTS explained the Biggest Mistake Coaches Make Teaching the 40-Yard Dash, how to coach the 40-yard dash, how the shin angle affects the start position, as well as special considerations for ‘reactive’ vs less ‘reactive’ athletes, check it out

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

Robertson Training Systems discussed Should You Squat Tall Athletes? the benefits of squatting and why you should squat, as well as appropriate squatting alternatives.

T-Nation shared a Tip: The Inverse Squat a special variation combining Box Squats and Bottom-up Squats.

Juggernaut Training Systems shared the 5th part of Pillars of Squat Technique – Head and Upper Back Position I like the approach of looking at consistencies that are applicable for different lifters, check out the tutorial,

Olympic Lifting Articles

All Things Gym shared some very impressive lifts from Iranian Weightlifters in the article Big Lifts in Iran: 210kg Snatch Alihosseini, 190kg Snatch Moradi, 253kg Clean & jerk Salimi

Deadlift Articles

T-Nation shared Tip: Reverse Your Romanian Deadlift how reversing the Deadlift motion can help to learn and/or re-learn the Deadlift movement pattern.

The Bar Bend outlined 5 Benefits of Deficit Deadlifts for greater strength development and muscular activation and compared the Deficit Deadlifts vs Regular Deadlift describing the benefits of each of the two Deadlift variations. shared Beginner’s Guide to Deadlifts including Q & A, a bit of a longer tutorial, however a few good tips in there. Check out the video tutorial