Article recommendations week #43 2016

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #43 2016

Strength Training Articles

Breakingmuscle explained

Men’s Fitness discussed The Rep Range That Builts Most Muscle offering good and useful advice on different repetition ranges.

8 Weeks Out addressed 3 Things Every Coach Should Learn from CrossFit looking at some underlying principles of behaviour, why CrossFit is so popular.

Power Athlete HQ shared the Principles of Training a good perspective on the art & science of coaching discussion and What Is Strength a good discussion on what strength is and how to apply this to training.

Eric Cressey shared

Stack showed 5 Innovative Methods Pro Sports Teams Use to Get an Edge showing interesting ideas on how to integrate innovation once all basics are covered.

Science For Sport shared

Mark Rippetoe from Starting Strength discusses Squats, Presses, and Deadlifts: Why Gyms Don’t Teach the Only Exercises You Need another good discussion on the reasons why to focus on the basics.

Meghan Callaway Fitness & Nutrition is Deconstructing The Lunge: Fix Your Lunges With These Simple Steps showing some great analysis and tips on how to improve the movement pattern of the Lunge


Train Heroic explained how to Master The Muscle Up With These Skills & Drills

[Beyond Strength Ep. 1 w/ Dusty Hyland] some solid progressions to master the first part of the Muscle up, have a look

Plyometric Training Articles

Stack explained Why Athletes Need to Learn to Land Before Performing Jump Training a great point and in my opinion often overlooked as one of the first stages of the plyometric training progression.

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles

Muscle & Performance asked the question Stuck in Your Squat? offering 3 good tips on overcoming sticking points.

Good to see, that discusses the use and benefits of Squats in their article Focus on the Basics to Get All the Benefits of Front Squats, Even With Poor Mobility

Deadlift Articles

The PTDC offered a few good points on how to teach the deadlift in their article Coaching Deadlifts: On Cueing and Exercises to Improve Range of Motion

Power Clean, Power Snatch and Olympic Lifting Articles

The Barbell Physio showed the Top 5 Mobility Needs For An Olympic Weightlifter  a good analysis of mobility demands and how to address it.

Catalystathletics demonstrated How To Warm Up For Olympic Weightlifting With Greg Everett a good and simple routine everyone can follow, have a look

Catalystathletics also discussed Arm Bend In The Snatch & Clean: It May Not Be An Error a really great and well-thought of arguments for the pro’s and con’s, I definetly like the ‘no one size fits all approach’, have a look

Highlights of the week

Strengtheory published How to Deadlift: The Definitive Guide a truly definite guide that leaves no questions unanswered (with regards to the Deadlift!) you probably need a few hours to read through everything, but it’s well worth it!