Article recommendations week #42 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #42 2017

Strength Training Articles

Fitness & Power listed 11 Tips on How to Build Muscle, Get Shredded and Get Results simple and straightforward to follow.

Stronger By Science discussed Can Lifting Replace Cardio? comparing High-Intensity cardio training with High-Intensity Lifting.

Men’s Fitness listed 10 counterintuitive tips to shape up fast not all of this tips are created equal in my opinion, but you can definitely see a pattern of emphasizing resistance training and be conscious about your nutrition.

Shredded By Science explained What Is Periodisation? Volume, Intensity and Skill Training, Periodisation For Beginners, what periodization is, and important considerations for periodization for beginners, intermediate athletes, and advanced athletes, check it out

Breaking Muscle explained

Elite FTS outlined

  • the specific differences of the Max Effort Method and Dynamic Effort Method and how to best combine them and use them in your training program in the article The Max Effort Method vs. Dynamic Effort Method in Group Training
  • how to design conditioning programs, including detailed session design in the article Weapons of Metabolic Disruption
  • the importance of assistance exercises to improve the main exercise, as well as the necessity to track the assistance exercises. check it out

Complementary Training showed different methods to calculate the 1 RM and distinguishing between different forms of a 1 RM in the article Physical Preparation for Team Sports: Establishing 1RMs, worth reading.

The Bar Bend outlined Floor Press – Muscles Worked, Exercise Demo, and Benefits what they are, what they do, muscular activation and programming considerations and listed 5 Benefits of the Floor Press on muscular hypertrophy and strength, as well as different floor press variations in a separate article

T-Nation shared

Starting Strength discussed The Importance of Barbell Training for weight loss and weight gain, endurance athletes, and the simplicity of an effective strength training program. Check it out

The Independent explained How to Lift Weights Safely and Effectively I like the way they sum up the most important variables and elements of effective training.

Stack published an all-in-one mobility drill in the article This Simple Mobility Complex Is the Only Warm-Up You’ll Ever Need.

Juggernaut Training Systems shared The JuggLife | Strategic Exercise Variation discussing the variation of exercise selection for optimal results in Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting. I like the way the rationalize the relative importance of the principle of exercise variation, by outlining the most important training principle in the order of importance and where variation falls into this order of importance. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

After last week’s topic of Supplements that are a waste of money, this week Picture Fit shared

  • 3 Muscle Supplements Worth Your Money by outlining what they do and the optimal dose, check it out
  • BCAA Supplements: Important When Cutting or Fasting? discussing if BCAA works when you try to get shredded and a viable alternative to BCAA’s, check it out

Shredded By Science outlined

  • The Truth About Testosterone Boosters | Do Test Boosters Work? in a nutshell, testosterone boosters are a waste of money, however, they also describe proven  natural and behavioral ways to boost testosterone, check out the elaborate explanation
  • The Best Rates Of Weight Gain For Increase Muscle, presenting the results of scientific studies and how much muscle mass they gained, measured in total weight gain in kg and percentage weight gain per week, check it out


Youth Strength Training Articles

Breaking Muscle explained The Classical Model For Physical Literacy a podcast about the importance of physical literacy, not only for sport but also for regular school education. Listen in

Power Training Articles

Simplifaster discussed Force-Velocity Profiling and Prescription with Athletes what F-V (Force-Velocity) Profiling is, why it is important and how to do F-V Profiling and how to describe training from the profiling results.

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

The Barbell Physio listed a selection of drills to improve your Overhead Squat in the article Five Drills To Improve Your Overhead Squat Fast!

The Bar Bend collected How 7 Elite Powerlifters and Weightlifters Warm Up for Squats an interesting read of the different warm-up routines, many ways lead to Rome.

Tony Gentilcore explained how to use the bottom-up approach to teach the squat in the article Bottoms-Up Squat Patterning Is The Jam, also check out how we use the bottom-up approach to teach the Bulgarian Split Squat published on T-Nation and the according video tutorial

Juggernaut Training Systems shared the 4th part of Pillars of Squat Technique – Foot Pressure and Knee Position a detailed biomechanical tutorial on the knee and foot position during the descend and ascend of the squat, busting a few common misconceptions about knee position and tracking, check out the tutorial,


Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics explained that you need to stay tight in your upper body at the top of the pull in the Snatch and Clean in the article I Wish I Had Bones: Quit Relaxing at the Top of Your Pull!

The Bar Bend outlined When (and Why) You Should Slow Down the Olympic Lifts making a case for slowing down the movement, when you want to explicitly work on the rhythm of the lifts.

California Strength demonstrated 3 Scalable Exercises To Improve Your Overhead Strength And Stability different Overhead Pressing variations to support the Olympic Lifts.

Deadlift Articles

Renaissance Peridization explained How to deadlift with a straight back a good outline how to Deadlift correctly. outlined The Safest, Strongest Way To Deadlift 5 cues to a better Deadlift, check out the video tutorial


Highlights of the Week

Some cool footage of Jeffrey Hoogland from the European Championships this weekend. Where he came out on top of his (so far) most feared opponent, World Champion Denis Dmitriev. Unfortunately, he came a bit short in the final and ended up placing 2nd, congrats Jeffrey! Check out the video

In addition, my athletes secured the bronze medal in the team sprint.

Congrats, Kyran Lamberink, Hetty van der Wouw and Shanne Braspennincx

Congrats, Harrie Lavreysen, Jeffrey Hoogland, Matthijs Büchli, Sam Ligtlee and Roy van den Berg

Am hoping to see more in the next 2 days of the competition!