Article recommendations week #41 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #41 2017

Strength Training Articles

Fitness & Power outlined

The Strength Sensei explained why you need to Lift Heavy To Age Gracefully how and why resistance training can enhance the quality of life and longevity of life.

Stack listed 4 accessory exercises you need to master to improve your Bench Press in the article Master These 4 Exercises to Improve Your Bench Press

Elite FTS clarified

T-Nation shared

Breaking Muscle explained

The Barbell Physio outlined 3 steps how to Get More Out Of Your Mobility Work using a progression from passive techniques through active mobility work to loading.

After last week’s guide on Lateral Raises – Push or Pull Exercise? the Bar Bend discussed Front Lateral Raises: Muscles Worked, Exercise Demo, and Benefits and Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise: Muscles Worked, Exercise Demo, and Benefits describing muscular activation, set and rep schemes and when to do them.

The Belfast Telegraph shared an Unconventional workout: Watch 7 of the best exercises you’re not doing, not so unconventional in my opinion, however, it all comes down to the Fundamental Movements Hinge, Squat, Pull, Stabilize plus accessory work. Check it out

American Football International shared Football Specific Strength Training From Sweden an approach to differentiate the strength training programs for the athletes based on playing position. I like that they emphasize the fact, that a strong foundation takes 1 – 4 years.

Dig Mag Online busted a few Strength Training and Weight Loss Myths

Nutrition Articles

Shredded By Science discussed  Nutrition For Fat Loss | Adjusting Calories And Macronutrients For Fat Loss and breaking it down to what is important to consider and adhere on daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis. Check it out

Picture Fit explained 3 Muscle Supplements NOT Worth Your Money a good, simple and clear explanation, of which supplements yo do not need. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Eric Cressey shared their approach to Periodization for the Teenage Athlete

  • Part 1: outlining their periodization scheme, programming variables and rationale for exercise selection.
  • Part 2: assessment of the youth athlete and how to use the assessment result for the training process.

Plyometric Training Articles

The Bar Bend listed 5 Plyometric Exercises for a Stronger Deadlift explaining how and why Plyometric Training can help your Deadlift, as well as the most appropriate plyometric drills for a bigger Deadlift.

Power Training Articles

Simplifaster challenged conventional wisdom in their article Why Force-Velocity Training Concepts Fail to Deliver definitely thought-provoking!

Speed Training Articles

Stack showed 2 Simple Drills to Help Athletes Accelerate Faster including the basics and mechanics of acceleration.

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

T-Nation shared

  • Tip: Hit the Right Squat Depth outlining why you should hit proper squat depth, how to achieve proper squat depth and the need for individualizing squat depth. outlined The Easiest Way To Improve Your Squat And Save Your Back the importance of the hip rotators and how to effectively train them.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics explained

The Boxrox shared the Snatch Push Press and Overhead Squat Complex from Olympic Champion Torokhtiy and emphasizing the use of the complex according to Torokhtiy’s description. Check out the complex

Snatch PUSH PRESS + Overhead SQUAT This quite a complicated, but very useful complex. It is most expedient to perform it during the transition and preparation period. During the transition period, it can be used as an option with 40-50% weight and a large number of reps (3-5 in each exercise) in one set. In the preparation period, this exercise can solve a number of tasks: development of the "base" and the volume, development of strength endurance and coordination. Intensity can vary from 60 to 85%, and the number of reps from 1 to 3 in each exercise respectively. Find more information about the number of sets, reps, working weight and which part of the workout would be the best to perform this exercise in LEG STRENGTH training program. ——— @TorWod ——— Это достаточно сложный, но очень полезный комплекс. Наиболее целесообразно выполнять его в переходный и подготовительный период. В переходный период его можно использовать как вариант разнообразия с весом 40-50% и большим количеством повторений (3-5 в каждом из упражнений) в одном подходе. В подготовительном периоде данное упражнение может решать целый ряд задач: наработка «базы» и объема, развитие силовой выносливости и координации. Интенсивность может варьироваться от 60 до 85%, а количество повторений от 1 до 3 в каждом из упражнений. —————————————— #WarmBodyColdMind #TORWOD #weightlifting #halterofilia #crossfit #weightlifter #crossfiter #snatch #torokhtiy #torokhtiy_gang #iwf #usa_weightlifting #powersnatch #overhead #hookgrip #TorVLab

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Coach Mag UK showed How To Master The Power Clean a quick overview of the different phases of the Power Clean technique and useful assistance exercises. For more Power Clean info, check out my Power Clean guide.

Aleksey Torokthiy released another great 60-second tutorial, this time the Muscle Snatch, check it out

The Bar Bend

He’s back. @pyrrospyrros

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Deadlift Articles

After last week’s article on the benefits of the Snatch-grip Deadlift Build Your Deadlift with the Snatch Grip Deadlift this week Elite FTS expanded on the use of Deadlift variations, such as the ‘Hang’ Deadlift or what they call the Deadlift below the knee in the article Build Your Deadlift with the Deadlift Plus Deadlift Below the Knee

Alan Thrall explained how to do Paused Deadlifts, what is important to consider, common technical errors and planning options. Check it out

Tony Gentilcore outlined 4 Mistakes Women Make When Deadlifting the most common Deadlift mistakes and how to fix them.

The Athletic Build showed how Powerlifter Stefi Cohen Deadlifts 4 Times Her Bodyweight plus another few awesome feats of strength. Definitely, check out the Deadlift

227.5kg/501lbs 121lbs bw . @hybridperformancemethod

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Starting Strength shared How to do the RDL (Romanian Deadlift) with Mark Rippetoe a simple, good and straightforward tutorial. Check it out