Article recommendations week #41 2016

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #41 2016

Strength Training Articles

Breakingmuscle published Developing My Athletes’ Competitive Fervor another good article from coach Takano on how to develop and nurture fervor. Ide finitely like the step-by-step approach. explained Why Pushing Through The Pain Can Hurt Your Training great article on why looking for alternatives and implement alternatives is more beneficial than pushing through pain.

T-Nation disclosed The Lost Training Method showing the benefits of implementing isometrics into the basic lifts on the specific example of a Snatch and Back Squat.

The Strength Sensei explained Signs of Overtraining, a really interesting discussion. Especially the distinction between Overtraining by volume vs Overtraining by intensity. Have a look

Stack showed This Quick Tip Will Help You Immediately Lift More Weight emphasising the importance of a tight grip on the major lifts, such as Deadlift, Back Squat and Bench Press. We could probably add a few more lifts to this list.

The Strength Fraction offered a good discussion on the ASLR (active straight leg raise) in their article Why The Active Straight Leg Raise

Dr. John Rusin showed Top 6 Ways To Strengthen Your Painful Lower Back we do these things all the time.

All Things Gym shared a video of Dimitry Klokov performing an awesome feat of strength and power with a 210 kg Push Press.

The Barbell Physio published a video on Controlling Rep Speed For Better Results I like the idea of un-dogmatic rep speed. Have a look

Bret Contreras showed From The Lab To Your Pocket – Part 2: Accurate Max Strength Measurement With Your IPhone an interesting application to track velocity, power and estimate your 1 RM.

Juggernaut Training Systems published the last principle of their training principle in Principle Of Individual Differences. As always great stuff from Juggernaut Training System, have a look

Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack explained The Biggest Mistake in Youth Strength Training Programs a good piece on youth strength training and what to avoid.

Plyometric Training Articles

Training and Conditioning explained Fundamental Plyometrics with Resistance an interesting advanced variation to add to your plyometric training with advanced athletes.

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles

Acu Mobility showed a good overview of possible assessments to determine mobility for squatting and potentially avoiding the Butt Wink in their article How to Fix Low Back Stiffness/ Rounding in the Deep Squat

Breaking Muscle also targeted 4 Mobility Tests to Reality Check Your Squat Depth

Fitness and Power showed How Femur Length Affects Squat Mechanics well explained applied biomechanics on the example of squatting mechanics and femur length.

17 year old Jeison Lopez showing some impressive 255 kg Back Squat for 3 reps, have a look

Deadlift Articles

The Advanced Human Performance discussed The Best Way to Deadlift: Squat-Stance Deadlift  if you want to know anything about the deadlift, this is your source.

Spotmebro showed common deadlift mistakes in their article You Might Be Making These 6 Deadlift Mistakes Without Even Knowing It

Power Clean, Power Snatch and Olympic Lifting Articles

Power Athlete HQ discussed Should I Use The Olympic Lifts With My Athletes? a great nuanced discussion of ‘to Olympic Lift’ or ‘not to Olympic Lift’.

The Elite Performance Institute published a great piece on Olympic Weightlifting & Sports Performance a great article how Olympic weightlifting can improve sports performance.

Highlights of the week

Undoubtedly the highlight of this week the article from Rippedbody A Guide to Exercise Selection When You Don’t Have Access to a Coach a truly great article training fundamentals and exercise selection.

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