Article recommendations week #40 2016

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #40 2016

Strength Training Articles

Breakingmuscle published Meditation for Meatheads a primer for meditation and how it impacts and benefits your training, as well as differentiating between meditation and mindfulness.

Tony Gentilcore put out two great articles

The Strength Sensei disclosed 10 things I learned from Ed Coan, Charles R. Poliquin and Matt Wenning some really good tips for the big 3, Squat, Bench and Deadlift.

Power Athlete HQ shared their experiences with Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) a good overview on benefits of Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS), quintessence you still need what to do when to do it and how often.

8 Weeks Out gave a very in-depth overview of Repeated-Sprint Athletes: Energy Systems & Training a really great piece!

EliteFTS explained Manipulating Acute Variables in Training— A Guide to Building Lean Muscle Mass Using Variation making sense to which variables to chose for manipulation.

If you have ever wondered what the star execution test is good for? Science For Sport shared the answer on the Star Execution Balance Test.

Muscle and Fitness outlined The 5 Worst Lifts For Beginners while I can align with the thought process, I would still put things in perspective and at least introduce or prepare beginners for these exercises to perform them safely at a later point.

All Things Gym showed footage of Barbell Ab Rollouts have a look

Robertson Training Systems showed 4 and 1/2 Ways To Reintroduce Power Into Your Training Program offering useful tips on how to add power training to your program.

Fitness and Power gave an overview of how to use Variable Resistance Training For Muscle Growth wrote a great article on why you shouldn’t push through pain and much rather look  for alternatives Why Pushing Through The Pain Can Hurt Your Training

Men’s Fitness outlined 5 Warning Signs You’re Overtraining useful hands-on information, I like the fact they have categorized it in different danger zones depending on severity.

T-Nation showed 8 Back Exercises You’ve Never Even Seen which contains a few useful variations.

Juggernaut Training Systems shared a great video Mobility Myths with Dr. Quinn Henoch : Static Stretching  really good and in-depth information from Doc Hennoch have a look yourself

Youth Strength Training Articles

Train Heroic published a great article on an LTAD framework A Coaches Framework For Long-Term Athletic Development – Part 2: Developing Movement, Energy Systems, and Strength

Plyometric Training Articles

Springer Link published Effect of Plyometric Training on Vertical Jump Performance in Female Athletes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis an interesting review of plyometric training (in this case for female athletes), quintessence the longer the duration of the plyometric training (in weeks, more than 10 weeks), the greater the effect of the plyometric training on jump performance.

Science For Sport shared a really nice review of Plyometric Training encapsulating the main points on what plyometric training is, as well as why it is important and how it improves performance in their article titled Plyometric Training.

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles

The Barbell Physio introduced a Squat Assessment Checklist to identify areas for improvement in the squat.

Stack explained How to Determine Your Ideal Squat Foot Position depending whether you are a Powerlifter, Olympic Weightlifter, Cross-fitter or Strength-training Athlete and referencing to different sources, great work!

T-Nation shared The 11 Worst Squat Mistakes pointing out the greatest flaws and mistakes athletes can make in a squatting movement.

Dr. John Rusin published 10 Exercises To Instantly Improve Ankle Mobility but the article goes far beyond just exercises for ankle mobility, it also explains and shows how ankle mobility influences the squatting pattern.

Deadlift Articles

The Athletic Built is Picking Apart the Perfect Deadlift a detailed piece on various technical aspects and considerations for the deadlift.

Stack showed The Single-Leg RDL: How to Perform It, Common Mistakes and Advanced Variations a great guide including coaching points, a step-by-step outline and different variations of the Single-Leg RDL.

Power Clean, Power Snatch and Olympic Lifting Articles

Breaking Muscle explained How to Mentally Rehearse Your Weightlifting Competition a great read on the importance of mentally rehearsing and its’ benefits. Eventhough this article focuses the mental rehearsal to weightlifting it is also beneficial for other disciplines.

Robertson Training Systems released a great podcast Physical Preparation With Wil Fleming, Wil is an Olympic Weightlifter and owns a Sports Performance Gym, where he teaches athletes the Olympic Lifts. You can listen to the podcast right here.

Highlights of the week

By far the article of Greg Lehman Why I Put Strength On Dysfunction challenging common belief that  if someone moves “poorly” then that poor movement has to be fixed for them to start doing their goal activities (running, strength training etc).

He does a great job at explaining how to address alternative solutions to common dysfunctions.

I am very honored that Fitness and Power published an article of me 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Single-Leg Squats

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