Article recommendations week #4 2019

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #4 2019

Strength Training Articles

The PTDC explained How to Supercharge Your Client’s Motivation, an interesting piece on motivation, as the title suggests, but also about the processes of behavior change and how to make these changes last.

T-Nation shared

  • Tip: Partial Reps for Full Muscle Growth, why partial reps do make sense for certain exercises. I would only add to the article, that the conditions apply if you would want to maximize time under tension.
  • Tip: 5 Gym Hacks to Make Life Easier, a good, simple and straightforward selection of useful tips.
  • Tip: Training Effort – The Two Biggest Myths, busting two very common myths, that actually keep people from long term progress.
  • Question of Strength 51 discussing maintaining muscle during fat loss, the influence of cortisol, rep ranges, overcoming plateaus, and example training programs.
  • Tip: The Curtsy Lunge, to be honest, I didn’t know, what a Curtsy Lunge was until I watched the video. Different names same exercise, however, I call it Reverse Cross-over Lunge and it’s a great variation for mobility and coordination, you wouldn’t be able to load it too heavy though. Check out the demonstration video

FitnessFAQs released Unlock the Dip – Fast Method for Beginners, different versions of learning the dip. I was always under the impression dips are really easy to learn, however, this video outlines good progressions and regressions to learn the dip. Check it out

Elite FTS outlined

  • the differences between the single, the heavy single and the 1 RM, and who should use which, in the article The Single, the Heavy Single and the 1RM: Know the Difference.
  • The Most Important Principle for Strength why it is important to understand the core principles, and the importance of understanding the relationship between training and recovery.
  • the qualities of a good coach in the article What Makes a Good Coach?
  • Biggest Errors in Programming, the importance of strength training, the pros and cons of online workouts, different training methods and its application and the transfer of training to real life. Check it out

The Bar Bend shared

Eric Cressey shared Random Thoughts on Sports Performance Training – Installment 32 discussing coaching cues, long term plan vs long term program, and a reality check for predicted max charts.

Fitness & Power showed how to Maximize Biceps Growth With Mechanical Drop Sets, what mechanical drop sets are, how to use them, and a practical example for a biceps mechanical drop set. A word of caution, mechanical drop sets are very demanding, if they are not planned properly, you won’t reap the benefits.

Breaking Muscle outlined

  • the importance of Finding Balance In Training, or more precisely a good training – life balance, however, balance is a double-edged sort, in order to be successful you need to somehow prioritize certain things and put time and effort in these things.
  • 5 Sleep Tips To Help Fat Loss, a brief explanation of the importance of sleep in general, followed by practical advice to improve your sleep.

Shrugged Collective explained the story of the Invention of the Hip Thrust (Best Glute Exercise) w/ Bret Contreras, interesting story, hard to believe this exercise hasn’t been around before 2006. Check it out

Simplifaster described

Stack explained How GPP Can Make You a Better Soccer Player, what the GPP (general preparatory period / general preparation period) is, why it’s important, and an example of how to apply it.

Nutrition Articles

Jorn Trommelen answered How much protein in a meal to build muscle? summarizing a scientific review of protein intake and suggestion, looking at the existing research of the protein quantity per meal, discussing the recent 20g vs 40g debate, and the limitations of the current research. Check it out

Picture Fit asked Is It Easier to Stick to the Keto Diet? Looking at the research behind the claim of keto and higher adherence. The results are surprising, check it out

T-Nation outlined the pro’s and con’s about the ketogenic diet in the article Ketosis: A Reality Check.

Shredded Sports Science debated The Keto Diet Is Bad: Jillian Michaels, a discussion of different nutritional strategies and what works for who. Check it out

Renaissance Periodization shared The RP Diet 2.0 | Chapter 6a | Supplements and Hydration, looking at supplements, and outlining the criteria they use to recommend supplements, and how to analyze the scientific evidence behind some supplements, and supplements that work, and don’t work. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics demonstrated the importance of Breath Control & Trunk Stability for Olympic Weightlifting and how to execute it. Check it out

Juggernaut Training Systems released

  • Jumping Forward | Weightlifting Problems, why lifters jump forward during the lifts, and corrective exercises to address this technical issue. Check it out
  • Elbows Touching Knees | Weightlifting Problems, why athletes touch the knees, the influence of anthropometry and posture, and how to rectify this technical flaw. Check it out

Starting Strength discussed The Double Knee Bend with Mark Rippetoe, what the double knee bent is and discussing whether it’s teachable or not. Check it out

Squat Articles 

Elite FTS takes a deep dive into the topic of squatting, and outlines the different squatting variations available, and how to find the right squat variation for you in the article How to Squat for Strong(wo)man.

Men’s Health demonstrated How to Master the Pistol Squat, starting with an assessment whether you possess the mobility to do a pistol squat, an effective warm-up and exercise progressions. Check out Olympic finalist 2016 Niek Kimmann performing an advanced version of the pistol squat.

Tony Gentilcore outlined the relationship between The Big Toe And The Squat, why you need to have to have the big toe down in the squat for optimal positioning. I am not fully sold yet, however, I believe there is something to it. I also remember the Juggernaut guys emphasized that as well in their squat technique pillars. Check out Tony’s explanation

Deadlift Articles 

T-Nation shared a Tip: Deadlifting – The Recovery Issue, why the progress in the deadlift tends to slow down, after a period of rapid progress.

Juggernaut Training Systems shared Addressing Weak Points | Deadlift | Lockout, the reasons for a weak lockout in the conventional deadlift, as well as in the sumo deadlift, corrective exercises and programming considerations. Check it out