Article recommendations week #4 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #4 2018

Strength Training Articles

Breaking Muscle discussed how to determine the right training frequency for each body part in the article Unravelling The Mysteries Of Training Frequency For Hypertrophy

T-Nation listed 5 Redundant Exercises You Just Don’t Need outlining the rationale, why some strength training exercises should be redundant.

8 Weeks Out followed up on last weeks article based on the topic enhancing recovery by identifying cognitive patterns 4 Steps to Turn off Stress and Accelerate Your Recovery with another great article on the impact on mindset, especially growth mindset vs fixed mindset and the influence on physical recovery Recovery-Driven Mindset: How to Change Your Mindset and Transform Your Fitness. If you are unfamiliar with growth mindset vs fixed mindset check out the short explainer video

Tony Gentilcore explained My Top Shoulder Training Tips Part I a common-sense approach to training your shoulders, do’s and don’ts.

Picture Fit shared A Little About Myself, as I have recommended quite a few of Picture Fit videos, I enjoyed this short story how Picture Fit started to where it is now. Check it out

Elite FTS shared

Starting Strength discussed Training and Discipline, how strength training teaches you how to focus and therefore learn the discipline to focus. Check out the audio

Simplifaster shared

Juggernaut Training Systems outlined

  • Scientific Principles Of Strength Training, a collection of videos outlining 7 principles of training. The videos have been previously published, but now you have them all in one place.  If you understand and are able to apply these principles to your training progress is ensured!
  • Bench Pillar #4 Breathing & Bar Placement discussing the breathing pattern during the Bench Press, the contact point on the chest and optimizing the position of the body. Check it out

The Barbell Shrugged Podcast released Glutes, Glutes, and more Glutes an interview with Bret Contreras discussing his journey into strength & conditioning, his special interest in glute development and dive deep into training philosophy and practical applied training considerations on vertical and horizontal force development. Check it out part 1

and part 2

Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack revealed The Costly Speed Training Mistake Slowing Down Young Athletes a short, but good outline of the focus areas during each developmental stage.

Elite Track outlined an effective Strength Training in the Development of Elite Level Throwers by Antonio Squillante explaining the role of strength training in the long-term athlete development process. And finally someone other than me, who outlines that a certain type of strength training exercises, such as the Olympic Lifts and Squat variations are a skill and need to be consolidated during puberty and pre-puberty if you want to load those exercise in the post-pubertal stage.

Nutrition Articles

Shredded by Science explained

  • How To Work Out Maintenance Calories outlining the importance of maintenance calories, as a starting point for bulking, as well as cutting. Check it out
  • The Optimal amount of Weight and Muscle Gain, how to gain as much active weight gain (muscles), with a minimal gain of inactive weight gain (body fat). Check it out

Plyometric Training Articles

Elite Track shared Implementing a Mechanical Model for Plyometric Progressions an interesting approach to classify and structure plyometric drills and plyometric training. Check out the slides

Agility Training Articles

Simplifaster listed Key Concepts in Preparing for Agility and Change of Direction, an in-depth article outlining the difference between COD (change of direction) and agility, factors influencing COD and agility and appropriate training practices.

Olympic Lifting Articles 

California Strength explained How To Snatch Pain-FreeWhile Using Your Hook Grip strategies to get more comfortable with the Hook Grip during the pull and the catch of the Snatch. Check out the phases of the Snatch / Power Snatch technique

Train Heroic shared Olympic Weightlifting Wisdom: Two Veteran Coaches Share Their Best Advice a great article on getting the fundamentals down and crafting your technique.

Catalystathletics outlined 8 areas why your Clean might not be as strong as it could be in the article How to Quit Getting Stuck in the Clean

All Things Gym released Mart Seim Big Jumps & Morning PRs 2017 Worlds Training Hall some impressive lifts from Mart Seim, check it out

Squat Articles 

The Bar Bend asked How Much Do Olympic Speed Skaters Squat? an interview with the strength & conditioning coach of the US Speed Skating team on the strength training regimens of the US Speed Skaters. Let’s see how they perform in a weeks time.