Article recommendations week #39 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #39 2017

Strength Training Articles

Picture Fit provided 5 Muscle Building Tips For Beginners, good and useful advice. Check it out

Elite FTS outlined

  • A Meathead’s Guide to Reading Scientific Papers reading scientific papers can be difficult, especially for those who haven’t had any science classes. This guide breaks down how to read and analyze scientific papers. Beware, just because it has the science stamp on it, doesn’t always mean it has relevance.
  • 3 Worst Exercises For The Bench Press, short and sweet explanation, check it out
  • How a Teenager Should Train for Powerlifting I like the focus on technical development and how to train for optimal technique development, check it out

Breaking Muscle explained

Shredded By Science explained  Training for Beginners, Best Frequency, Exercise Selection, Load, and Rest Times… an overview of the important training variables, check it out,

The MD Mag showed the positive influence of resistance training on MS (multiple sclerosis) patients in the article Resistance Training Shows Positive Physical, Neurological Effects on MS Patients interesting to see the influence of resistance training in other areas.

T-Nation shared

  • CrossFit for Meatheads I really like how this article explains the idea and structure of different CrossFit workouts.
  • Tip: Pain vs. Discomfort vs. Progress how discomfort is different from pain, and that neither of the two is an absolute requirement for progress.
  • 2 articles on lower back health and lower back strengthening, Bulletproof Your Lower Back, the different variables for low back health, as well as preventitive exercises, and a Tip: The Reverse Hyper, An Overview of the benefits of Reverse Hypers and how to execute the Reverse Hypers, check out the video

The Bar Bend outlined different Banded Face Pull Alternatives if you are participating in a sport that requires hitting or throwing, the Face Pull is a good choice to strengthen shoulders and your posterior chain and one more article about a Face Pull variation Squatting Face Pull – Exercise Demo and Benefits what the Squatting Face Pull is and why you should use it.

Starting Strength explained How to do Dips with Mark Rippetoe a simple and straightforward explanation on doing Dips, why you should do Dips and when you should not do Dips, check it out

Muscle & Fitness listed 6 Sleep Products For Better Athletic Performance these products probably won’t help if your sleep habits are crap, but they can offer additional benefits if your sleep habits are sound.

Elite FTS shared The Do’s and Don’ts of Leadership 7 good points, and well explained.

For those who are mainly interesting in gaining muscle mass, will enjoy article on different Superset combinations We Ask The Pros: What’s Your Favorite Superset?

Tony Gentilcore outlined The Deload Week: Yes, No, Maybe So? what are deload weeks, why you need deload weeks, how to structure the deload week into your meso-cycles and how to manage volumes and intensities in a deload week.

Nutrition Articles

Picture Fit discussed if Garlic – A True Superfood the benefits of garlic and why it might qualify as a superfood, check it out


Plyometric Training Articles

Pure Performance shared Crazy Explosive Series- Episode 4: Elasticity (Best Tips for Improving Vertical Jump/Speed) I like the outline, that it is less about the plyometric exercise, but much rather about the application of the exercise. Check it out

Also, it’s worth checking out the previous parts of the series,

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

The Barbell Physio explained how to fix a strong forward lean in the Back Squat in the article Fixing The Good Morning Squat I like the thought process and exercise choice to address the issue.

Juggernaut Training Systems shared the second part of  Pillars Of Squat Technique, Breathing and Bracing discussing how to breathe, when to breathe and if you need to change your breathing pattern, how to best address it. Check it out

One of my athletes, Harrie Lavreysen set 2 new PB’s this week, 220 kg Back Squat and 190 kg Front Squat, check it out


Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics discussed Weightlifting Programming: Consistency or Variation? how much variation do you need within your consistent approach? I definitely align with the author on his thought process.

The Bar Bend published an Interview: Aleksey Torokhtiy Talks Building His Brand, Training, and What’s Next an extremely interesting read, I like the idea of the Russian weightlifting school to train a broad range of Olympic Lifting movements. I like Torokhtiy’s explanation, why he chooses to do these short and awesome instructional and technical videos.

Simplifaster listed 8 Hidden Benefits of Olympic-Style Weightlifting for All Sports an excellent article outlining the different benefits of Olympic Lifting, providing good rationale and scientific evidence.

Juggernaut Training Systems explained How to Stay Over the Bar, why you need to stay over the bar, what happens if you are not able to stay over the bar and a technical outline of how to stay over the bar. Check it out


Alexey Torokthiy shared the technical outline of the Clean Pull and Snatch Pull, check it out



Deadlift Articles

Men’s XP explained if you Want To Get Better At Squatting And Deadlifting? Start Doing This Exercise outlining the importance of executing a correct hip hing and a training progression to introduce and learn the hip hinge. Also, check out the article about Bending and Hip Hinging.